The World’s Most Important Gathering of CMOs and Marketing Executives™

August 17 – 19, 2021 | Americas | Virtual

Master your marketing leadership and power a world-class strategy through unprecedented times

At the virtual Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2020, we explored honing in on your leadership skills, refining your marketing strategies, and finding innovative solutions to help power your marketing team to deliver growth through-out unprecedented times. 

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that marketing leaders met on included:

  1. Delivering results with reduced budgets and optimize in investments for long term.
  2. Creating differentiated digital customer experiences.
  3. Pivoting to a digital-first strategy in the current operating environment. 
  4. Continuing to sense, understand, and predict customer needs. 
  5. Determining the brand's role during times of societal change. 

We hope you enjoyed the 2020 virtual conference! If you missed it, view the brochure to see what was covered. The program for the 2021 Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo is underway and we look forward to sharing details shortly.

Navigating change

The global pandemic and social unrest have caused massive disruption for marketing leaders, which creates demanding challenges but also enormous opportunities. Examine what you can do now to survive and thrive.

Marketing leadership

Transform your thinking and discover new approaches for each level of leadership. Access insights and data to shepherd your brand through complex shifts in culture, talent and technology.

Strategic advice

Meet with Gartner experts to learn about the latest strategic trends in marketing, discover the latest marketing technologies, and explore how you can apply these insights to achieve your goals.

Marketers are resilient. They continue to blaze a new path forward in these unprecedented times. Join us for our showcase of thought leadership on how you can fortify your marketing strategy for the continued uncertainty to come.

Cassandra Nordlund

Director Advisory and Conference Chair

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    Join a community of CMOs and marketing leaders

    Our virtual conference offered attendees the opportunity to advance their thinking as a strategic leader and bring their marketing vision to life with the best mix of insight and research-baked sessions that help to cut through the hype and deliver deeper into the areas that drive results. 

    Build strategies, pursue innovation and align resources to deliver results
    • Drive strategic growth and customer retention. 
    • Prove the value of your marketing investments. 
    • Reskill marketing talent with digital capabilities without losing traditional experience.
    • Use data to precisely target, measure and improve marketing results.
    • Maintain your place at the executive table by being the authority on the customer.
    Gain critical insights to navigate changes and create exceptional customer experience that set your business apart
    • Discover the newest benchmarking and insight on customer experience (CX) management, trends in CX measurement and best practices. 
    • Take a deep dive into how the global pandemic has altered consumer buying behavior and how to shift attention to your brand, instead of your competitors.
    • Inform decision making with insights, data and analytics. 
    • Identify customer needs, expectations and perceptions. 
    • Understand economic shifts and their impacts on consumer behavior.
    Develop new competencies in areas such as data sourcing, integration and management, and advanced analytics
    • Discover leading initiatives across customer analytics, data and creative marketing.
    • Leverage marketing data and analytics to measure success. 
    • Evaluate the martech landscape. 
    • Identify the solutions that support the marketing organization. 
    Identify platforms and tools to influence B2B buying, engagement and growth
    • Stay ahead with emerging enterprise and small business buyer insights. 
    • Discover advances in demand generation and sales enablement. 
    • Learn how to manage and optimize your results across B2B direct and indirect sales channels. 
    • Employ new strategies to engage B2B buyers in an uncertain environment. 
    Develop an effective digital marketing strategy to deliver business growth
    • Discover the marketing tools and resources needed to proactively personalize your customer experiences
    • Create a value-driven digital marketing plan to steer business growth 
    • Adopt a coordinated multi-channel approach to make a well-informed decision with data-driven benchmarking 
    • Dive into advertising testing and measurement to improve digital marketing ROI

    2020 Tracks at a Glance

    Our topic-focused agenda covered challenges most critical to CMOs and their leadership teams to build a winning strategy.  Explore seven agenda tracks from the 2020 conference, filled with the latest research-based and data-backed content. Check back for updates on the 2021 conference! 

    Track A

    Lead and Innovate in Marketing

    Strategizing, communicating and executing your vision as a marketing leader is critical and increasingly complex. Through Gartner experts and innovative ideas from industry leaders, we inspire you to bring your innovations to life and deliver results for your brand.

    Track B

    Inform Decision Making With Insights, Data and Analytics

    Marketing leaders need data to support decision making. Identify your customer needs, expectations and perceptions, and understand cultural and economic shifts and their impacts on consumer behavior. Learn to use marketing data, analytics and insights to make critical decisions.

    Track C

    Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

    Marketing is taking more ownership of and responsibility for customer experience to deliver impactful experiences that affect the bottom line. Discover what mindset, tools, research, insight and goals CX leaders need to adopt and embody.

    Track D

    Drive Results Through Multichannel Marketing

    Evolving customer buying behaviors drive fundamental shifts in the way organizations must approach marketing orchestration and execution. Learn how to manage core multichannel marketing challenges, from strategy design to campaign planning to technology selection.

    Track E

    Generate Revenue Through Sales Channels

    Marketing leaders are increasingly responsible for contributing to closing sales and generating revenue, whether through owned digital commerce sites, B2C platforms like Amazon, or through B2B direct and indirect sales channels. Learn how to manage and optimize your results across channels.

    Track F

    Explore Emerging Trends and Technology

    The fragmented martech vendor landscape is changing rapidly, and marketers must stay ahead of the curve on emerging technologies while getting the most from existing partnerships. We help you stay ahead of the competition through marketing technology leadership.

    Track G

    Achieve Your Goals as a CMO

    The role of the CMO has never been more exhilarating or challenging. Rebounding from disruption, responding to significant changes in consumer behavior, and staying ahead of pandemic forces are complex and all-consuming. Take a deeper dive into addressing these challenges and achieve your goals.


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