Digital disruption

Finding the opportunity — and avoiding the chaos — of digital disruption

Digital disruption is transforming the PPM landscape, requiring the rapid adoption of new processes, technologies and competencies. Advanced tools and technologies are gaining traction. Different skill sets and competencies are required. And new mechanisms, practices and services are starting to replace traditional delivery methods. Enterprises large and small will assume the stance that Gartner calls ContinuousNext. It is marked by perpetual renewal, swift delivery and interaction, where leaders apply three principles — shape, shift and share — to consistently benefit from consistent, unending change. It has important implications for PPM culture, processes, approaches and roles.



Digital disruption coverage at the conference:


Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit 2019 will explore the far-reaching impacts of digital disruption on PPM processes, technologies and leadership strategies, including:


  • Facilitating PPM innovation and ideation by adding structure, guidance and guardrails
  • Creating technology portfolios that enable digital business
  • Balancing people, process and technology to ensure that the PMO has visibility to the changes that are occurring
  • The use of design thinking to achieve digital business capability modeling
  • Working with architects to drive digital business and deliver better outcomes

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