Managing Organization and Cultural Change

How to meet the challenge of the “people” part of digital transformation

According to Gartner surveys, culture is the most frequently mentioned obstacle to scaling digital business. To succeed in a digital business environment, PPM leaders must embrace the new skills, talent, mindsets and behaviors that are replacing the traditional risk-averse PPM approach — and reimagine their own role as proactive enablers of change.


Managing organizational and cultural change coverage at the conference:

At Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit 2019, we’ll focus on how and why enterprise culture must shift in response to digital business, and offer pragmatic ways to drive new workforce attitudes and behaviors, including:


  • How and where to get started to change the culture of your organization
  • Critical soft skills needed for continuous culture change
  • How to coach PMO and PPM team members to embrace change
  • “Culture hacking” to support enterprisewide change
  • How to improve the success rate of change initiatives 

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