Project to Product

Transitioning PPM from project management to product management

Despite slow adoption rates in the past, organizations increasingly indicate that they are interested in, and steadily moving toward, a product-centric delivery model. Over the next five years, this shift will expand and accelerate, requiring significant modifications to PPM roles and responsibilities. What’s driving the new approach? Digital business, customer satisfaction, speed to market and agility when faced with change.



Project to product coverage at the conference:


Join us this year at Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit 2019 to deepen your understanding of how digital forces are driving the shift from finite project management to an open-ended, customer-centric product management approach, including:


  • Skills, attitudes and behaviors that support the product-centric approach
  • Changes required in financial governance to support a product-centric delivery model
  • Adopting KPIs that help prepare for managing a product-centric organization
  • Why digital business is driving the adoption of agile and DevOps
  • Shifting capabilities to create and support customer/constituent-facing products and services



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