The Importance of Enterprise Agility for PPM Leaders

In the world of continuous change, where pace matters more than perfection and change is deep and constant, the key to PPM success is an agile approach.

PPM leaders must position themselves to deliver agile transformation initiatives across the enterprise, championing new structures and mindsets, adopting new governance and decision-making practices, and reimagining their own leadership roles.

PPM Leaders’ Role in Scaling Enterprise Agility

To enable enterprise agility and PMO transformation, PPM leaders must:

  • Engage early and constructively in agile transformation initiatives by proactively demonstrating digital-era competency to deliver value and evolve PPM practices.
  • Build enterprisewide team and individual competencies for new ways of working by learning and adopting the skills and frameworks required to succeed in a contemporary agile enterprise.
  • Strengthen the PPM value proposition by educating decision makers that portfolio management and investment management are essential to decision making and strategic alignment in a fast-moving innovative agile enterprise.

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Key topics on the 2020 agenda included:

  • Agile, enterprise agile
  • Adaptive program management
  • Product management
  • Strategy realization office (SRO)
  • EPMO
  • Resource management
  • Scaling digital capabilities
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Collaboration and innovation

Recommended sessions on the 2020 agenda include:

  • Building an In-House Agile Coaching Capability
  • Defeat Economic Uncertainty With Agile Adaptive Budgeting
  • Enabling Adaptive Portfolio Management
  • Building Support for Moving From Projects to Products and Agile

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