The 6-Principle Framework for Mastering a Business-Agile Mindset

Cloud-based or SaaS applications are a growing component of application portfolios, which challenges the application organization. This third document in the series covers the impact of such applications on staffing and skills, and serves as a reference guide to relevant research.

Key  Findings

  • Program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders across the enterprise continue to struggle in shifting from compliance-based reporting to agility-driven change, exacerbating tension between delivery teams, the stakeholders sponsoring the change and PMOs.
  • Stakeholders are reluctant to tell PMOs to stop doing constant compliance reporting and static one-size-fits-all processes, hindering rapid change and devaluing the PMO function.
  • Organizations attempting to increase overall agility often underestimate the change management and leadership required for the cultural shift.
  • Progress toward a business-agile mindset is made when completing a list of tasks, as a measure of project effectiveness gives way to delivering measurable customer value.

Program and portfolio management leaders focused on transforming PMO strategies and disciplines must:

  • Assess their adoption by reviewing Gartner’s principles of the business-agile mindset and conducting an assessment of how well they are being applied in their organization.
  • Build an effective action plan to increase their business agility by engaging their team to brainstorm a plan of small, practical steps to address any of the business-agile principles not currently exhibited in the organization.

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