Building and Retaining High Performing Sales Teams

Are you making bold moves to improve your sales team's performance?


You’re focused on sales talent management, your day to day is hiring, onboarding and training, but you end goal is to retain high performing sellers. As customers have access to more – and better – information from digital channels, the pressure is on reps and their leaders to adapt to new customer expectations, needs and buying behaviors.  Are you investing in talent practices that reflect changes in how customers buy? 

We've got you covered

At Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference, we've designed a program to help sales leaders focus on learning and development strategies to improve sales team performance. Explore how to change talent strategies to reduce turnover and increase sellers’ chances of winning high-quality deals.


Sessions will help you answer pressing questions including:

  • What are my peers and competitors doing?
  • What are the competencies that differentiate the most effective sales managers?
  • How do we screen for and hire high-performing sales managers?
  • How do we focus our manager coaching efforts on high-impact seller behaviors?
  • How do we ensure our managers conduct high-quality coaching in the long term? 


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Hot Sessions for Learning & Development Leaders
  • Redefining the High Performing Seller for the Information Era
  • Roundtable: Managing Sales Talent in a TIght Labor Market
  • Identifying and Managing Stakeholders to Drive Consensus

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