2018 Conference Track Overview


Sales and Marketing leaders are expected to guide strategic decision-making and drive growth. Our comprehensive program is designed to help you unlock account growth, deliver an effortless service experience and develop critical skills for your entire commercial team. The conference is broken into four tracks, each offering: 


  • Access to the latest Gartner research
  • Panel-sessions featuring real-world case study examples
  • Exposure to Gartner experts and methodologies 

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Building the Next Generation of Sales Talent


You will find guidance on how the best organizations hire, train and coach sales talent as heightened customer expectations raise the bar for sellers and sales organizations struggle to keep up. Sessions focus on differentiated sales competencies, high-performing manager qualities, strategies for skill adoption and best practices in sourcing high-potential sales talent.

Commercial Strategies for Shaping Customer Buying Behavior

This track focuses on best practices in prospecting, generating, qualifying and progressing customer leads. Sessions provide guidance on how marketing leaders can break through early-funnel barriers to identify customer challenges and resolve them with integrated commercial strategies as limited access to customers and a shift in power and control throughout the buying journey arise.

Driving Account Growth

We will focus on building effective account team structures, developing account-based marketing strategies, boosting revenue from indirect channel partnerships and managing diverse customer stakeholders to drive consensus. Sessions help you deal with questions arising from challenges posed as existing customers represent high-potential growth opportunities but seldom turn out that way despite growing investments in serving accounts.

Using Digital Channels to Accelerate Leads 

You will learn how sales and marketing teams can arm customers with the tools and content needed to drive buying momentum. As customers rely heavily on information found in digital channels during their buying journeys, providing them with relevant, credible and differentiated digital resources is the best, and often, only way to access customers and influence their purchase decisions.


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