Adaptive Sales Strategies for a Disruptive World

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2022, May 17 – 18, in the Americas, offers you a chance to step away from your day to day, immerse yourself in the latest trends and connect with experts and peers to gain the inspiration and objective guidance you need to thrive.

Hear from Conference Chair and VP Analyst Steve Rietberg on why you can’t afford to miss this year’s virtual conference and the latest insights on such topics as sales strategy, leadership, talent management, sales enablement and sales operations.

Steve Rietberg

Conference Chair and VP Analyst, Gartner

Join the exclusive conference for heads of sales and sales executives

  • Formulate clear and future-looking actions to drive market-leading growth and become a destination for top talent.
  • Modernize sales enablement with strategies to align changing buying preferences with the future of selling.
  • Support the end-to-end revenue process and streamline its interconnected workflows to accelerate commercial performance.
  • Influence across the organization as leaders of selling.

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