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Elizabeth Arndt

Elizabeth Arndt

Director, Digital Sales

Elizabeth Arndt has been leading organizational transformation at Siemens Digital Industries Software for both sales and marketing for the last thirteen years. Her current role as Director of Digital Sales, is helping drive the company’s commitment to a new digital sales lane, and revenue through the online store platform. In her previous role she was responsible for the setup, execution, and growth for multiple global inside sales functions including prospecting, renewal sales, inside sellers and demand development. She has also led the implementation of global processes and best practices for marketing campaign planning, demand creation and lead generation.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2023 / 02:45 PM - 04:15 PM PDT
Workshop: Go-to-Market Fusion: A Breakdown of Siemens' Transformation to Digital Sales

This session demystifies the secret to go-to-market fusion through a conversation with Siemens digital sales leadership. Organizations should help buyers engage and transact digitally but leading the sales organization through the transformation is difficult. We'll hear Siemens talk through the big picture for their digital sales channel, how they designed it for customers and driving change through a go-to-market fusion team.

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