Navigating change with sales and marketing collaboration


Whether you’re a chief executive of sales and/or marketing looking to increase your profitability and productivity, or a director of sales training looking to develop your frontline talent, you’ll find sessions, peers and experts to guide you through your toughest challenges. Connect with a community that shares your key initiatives and can help you act on your priorities.

Sales Leaders

(Chief Sales Officer/Head of Sales, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, BU Sales leader) 

Discover how to overcome increased competition and commoditization pressures, low salesforce productivity, how to improve ROI of investments of sales enablement technology and more. Sales leaders will gain insight from our data-backed research and leave with clear next steps into how to address key challenges.

Suggested Sessions: 

  • How Effective Managers Develop High-Performing Sellers
  • Three Steps for Unlocking Disruptive Commercial Strategies Using Design Thinking
  • Why Your Indirect Channel Partners Are Not Performing and What to Do About It

Marketing Leaders

(Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Marketing, BU Marketing Leaders)

Discover how to overcome low pipeline productivity, poor relationships with sales and guiding teams to adopt a digital-first mindset. Marketing leaders will benefit from practical guidelines to develop breakthrough messaging, build a digital buying experience that aligns with customer behavior and suggestions to cut through the noise of vendor-selection. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • Accelerating Marketing's Digital Proficiency
  • Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Creating a High-Impact CX Strategy

Operations and Strategy

(SVP, VP, Director of Sales Operations, sales strategy, division leader) 

Discover how to overcome ineffective coverage models and team structures, maximize the impact of sales compensation changes, and evolve your sales process design. Sales operations leaders will gain insight from the latest research to impact account development resources and spark growth. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • The Evolution of Sales Development Reps to Support B2B Demand Generation
  • Understand the Account-Based Marketing Vendor Landscape
  • Unlocking Growth in Existing Accounts (Part 1)

Sales Enablement/Development

(SVP, VP, Director of Sales Enablement, learning and development, sales training)

Discover how to impact the long onboarding process for new sales talent, overcome ineffective coverage team structures, and source quality sales enablement technology. Leaders will gain insight from the latest research to attract high-quality talent and implement Challenger sales skills. 

Suggested Sessions: 

  • How Effective Managers Develop High-Performing Sellers
  • Unlock Better Sales Execution with New Sales Enablement Tools
  • Differentiated Competencies of High-Performing Sellers

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