Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

May 16 – 18, 2022 | San Diego, CA

Transform sales for the future of buying

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference is a comprehensive program designed for chief sales officers and their sales leadership teams focused on sales strategy, sales enablement and sales operations. Sales organizations now face unprecedented uncertainty stemming from a pandemic, economic and geopolitical pressures coupled with shifting customer expectations, buying behaviors and an evolving technological landscape.

At our 2021 conference, the top 5 sessions sales leaders attended were:

  1. The Seller of the Future: Evolving Skills for the New Normal
  2. Sellers are Drowning in Information - A Sales Communication Program Will Save Them
  3. Redesigning Sales Playbooks for Increased Adoption and Commercial Impact
  4. Leading Sales Into the New Digital Reality
  5. The Framework for Sales Development: The Ultimate Pipeline Generation Machine

We hope you enjoyed our virtual 2021 Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference. If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

Planning for the 2022 Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference in San Diego, CA is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!

Lead through disruption

Effectively prepare and navigate economic turns. Hear firsthand from Gartner experts how to focus your sales plan on strategic planning, cost management and sales performance management to succeed in this economic cycle.

Learn from peers

Now more than ever, it's important to gain insights from your peers who are facing challenges similar to yours. Learn practical, proven solutions from fellow sales leaders and apply those ideas to your sales organization.

Technology solutions

Explore our trusted sales technology providers changing the sales landscape. Incorporate these solutions into your sales technique as you get inspired by Gartner experts and sales leader peers.

Sales leaders must adapt to deliver increased revenue in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace. This conference delivers a mix of strategic and tactical sessions, spanning business practices and technology innovations to help leaders transform sales and adapt to the future of buying.

Dave Egloff

Gartner VP Analyst and Conference Chair

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    Sales leaders making bold moves

    Sales leaders must stay ahead of emerging sales trends, consistently inspiring their organizations to adopt new initiatives and deliver on ever-increasing growth targets. Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2022 will provide insights, strategy and action to achieve those goals.

    Gain insights to drive profitable growth and lead sales while navigating complexity and disruption
    • Balance softening demand, supply constrains and incredible cost pressures.
    • Collaborate with the C-level to advise on commercial impact and responses to internal challenges and customers.
    • Collaborate with operations, enablement, HR, marketing and product to assess and mitigate risk.
    • Drive frontline manager effectiveness.
    • Increase account growth and enhance sales process design.
    Transform your sales enablement strategies with tactical advice and tools to help drive sales effectiveness and performance
    • Develop new programs to enable distracted sellers and buyers.
    • Establish a new communication strategy and best practices for remote selling.
    • Maximize virtual collaboration tools and technology including virtual training and coaching.
    • Collect voice of the customer (VoC) data, and update commercial messaging and content. 
    Discover how to accelerate the sales operations management toward optimal design for strategic and tactical sales excellence
    • Maintain productivity with a team not accustomed to working remotely. 
    • Provide accurate forecasts to managers and leaders given market volatility and uncertainty.
    • Identify and plan for short-term and long-term cost-saving measures.
    • Move beyond the historic role as a responsive support center to one focused on driving digital execution excellence.

    2021 Tracks at a Glance

    Attendees had access to over 50 sessions of the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help sales leaders meet the demands of the future. Each track had a particular area of focus that helped deliver what matters most to sales organizations.

    Track A

    Leading Sales Into a Postpandemic World

    In a rapidly evolving commercial landscape, heads of sales face many tactical, strategic and structural questions regarding how best to position their organization for future success. Sales leaders must identify and adjust to the macro trends that most likely impact commercial performance. Sessions in this track focus on leading the sales organization, go-to-market models and commercial execution.

    Track B

    Building the Seller of the Future

    From helping sellers evolve to win in a virtual selling world to helping buyers confidently make buying decisions, sales enablement functions are in uncharted waters. Executing on these new imperatives will distinguish leading sales organizations from their competition. Sessions in this track focus on new and adaptive strategies that apply to virtual selling and digital buying, as well as how leaders can enable operational growth.

    Track C

    Modernizing Sales Operations for Digital Execution

    Rapid digital transformation means sales operation’s ability to influence commercial success is increasingly tied to other functions in the organization. Today’s sales operations must improve collaboration across all commercial functions and help leaders make data-driven decisions. Sessions in this track cover transforming sales operations to drive digital execution, cross-functional collaboration and alignment to virtual selling informed by analytical insights.

    Track D

    Innovative Strategies for Revenue Growth

    The aligned revenue organization interconnects marketing, sales and service to operate as a seamless, unified commercial function. To achieve this, leaders must break down silos and lead a broader coalition to drive repeatable and scalable growth. Sessions in this track cover the powerful innovations commercial convergence drives, including new approaches to commercial alignment, dynamic customer engagement and technologies that support revenue operations.

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