Diversity & Inclusion: Scaling Digital Leadership

This year’s summit features a dedicated forum with content on how diversity improves the success of the business and how you can be proactive in your own career management.


We invite you to join us for a rare opportunity of collaboration and learning sessions designed to target workforce behavior over attitudes and identify and eliminate bias within processes. In addition to the recommended sessions, you’ll have access to networking opportunities and small, facilitated workshops and roundtables open to attendees who want to exchange ideas, build relationships, and address similar challenges and interests, face to face.


“Hiring managers must look to different pools of skills and experiences in order to fill the hundreds of thousands of SRM jobs that go unfilled every year. Creativity and innovation in hiring are vital if we are going to reduce cyber risk and increase resilience.” says Roberta Witty.



Recommended sessions include:

  • Tutorial: Leveraging Cognitive Styles to Improve Team Leadership and Stakeholder Communication
  • Women in IT: How to Leverage All Forms of Diversity in Your Organization to Drive Business Results
  • Women in Security & Risk Management Breakfast: Books We Love from Inspiration to Grit
  • Workshop: Women in IT: Leadership Without Formal Authority
  • Women's Cocktail Reception - Who Am I?: Prominent Women in History
  • Solving the Digital Security Talent Gap: Why Women, Why Now?
  • Panel: Women in Leadership: Movers & Shakers, Ceiling Breakers, Ruckus Makers



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