A deep dive into security solutions for technical professionals

As an architect and builder of IT, the question is not just, how will you stay ahead of changes, but how will you seize the opportunities created by the newest wave of technologies?

Ensuring operational success with deep technical strategy, architecture and deployment guidance

Designed specifically for technical professionals, these sessions feature research to deliver actionable, technical insights into security best practices, methodologies and tools needed to ensure operational success. Sessions provide advice on how to successfully architect, implement and operate security controls for the hybrid enterprise. This includes the pitfalls that Gartner observes in the field and how to avoid them.

Sessions cover risk-aware, business-outcome-focused architectures and solutions

  • Technical Insights: Five Steps to Start the Zero-Trust Journey
  • Crossfire Debate: Cloud Firewall — Native Versus Incumbent — The Battle Begins
  • Technical Insights: Plotting Your Course to Ransomware Defense
  • Technical Insights: Do I Buy an SSE Product From a CASB Vendor or an SWG Vendor?
  • Technical Insights: Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture — The Next Generation of Security Architecture
  • Technical Insights: Cloud Security 201 — The Quest for the Holy Grail
  • Learning the Craft of the Ransomware Dungeon Master
  • Machine Identities, Secrets, Keys and Certificates: The Team, the Process and the Tools
  • Technical Insights: Where Are Your Users and Devices? Why Don’t You Know? Secure Them Anywhere With UEM and UES
  • Technical Insights: Practical Guide to Architecting Cloud Security — Start Here for Effective Cloud Security
  • Technical Insights: Adversary-Generated Threat Intelligence
  • Technical Insights: Dark Data, Data Security’s Biggest Miss
  • Technical Insights: Don’t Get Burned by the Next Sunburst — How the Network Can Detect Supply Chain Attacks
  • Technical Insights: How to Mature Your Microsoft 365 Identity Management