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Digital business challenges the conventions of information risk and security management. Security and risk management leaders must develop a coherent digital security program based on a clear vision and strategy.

A sample of recommended sessions includes:

  • Leadership Vision for Security and Risk Management 2022
  • Facing New Threats: Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Four Ways to Hack Your Cybersecurity Culture
  • Five Steps to the Best Security Metrics Ever
  • CMMC and DFARS 101: What Your Peers Are Saying/Doing
  • Best Practices in Communicating the Business Value of Cybersecurity
  • Use Behavioral Economics to Influence Security Culture and Decisions
  • A Security View of the 2021 CIO and CEO Agenda
  • Outlook for Security Talent, Careers and People 2021
  • Tutorial: How to Create a Business-Aligned Cybersecurity Strategy
  • The Characteristics of a Defensible, Risk-Based Cybersecurity Program
  • The Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021-2022
  • The Evolution of the CISO Role: What’s Next?
  • When Disaster Strikes, Don’t Be Caught Unprepared But Have Your Incident Response Ready

Develop a Pragmatic Vision and Strategy for Digital Business Security

A comprehensive strategic vision for digital business security must be guided by the business drivers, technology drivers and threat drivers that are unique to the organization, and should identify a number of key elements.

Key challenges

  • The characteristics of digital business continue to challenge conventional security practices, culture and infrastructure.
  • Many organizations still lack a formal digital (or cyber) security program that they can execute against a clear vision of what they have to achieve.
  • A formal vision, outlining clear objectives, a principle-based program and adaptive architecture is a prerequisite for implementing effective digital security.

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