6 Ways to Defend Against a Ransomware Attack

CISOs and security leaders can avoid huge losses by preparing for ransomware attacks before they happen.

Twenty-seven percent of malware incidents reported in 2020 can be attributed to ransomware. Ransomware — cyber extortion that occurs when malicious software infiltrates computer systems and encrypts data, holding it hostage until the victim pays a ransom — can have a bigger impact on an organization than a data breach.

In the short term, ransomware can cost companies millions of dollars, and a potentially even greater loss over the long term, impacting reputation and reliability. From top healthcare providers and retailers in the U.S. to insurance providers in the Middle East, ransomware attackers are proving to be a continuing cybersecurity threat.

Secure the organization using a plan that must cover the following six actions:

  1. Conduct initial ransomware assessments
  2. Enforce ransomware governance 
  3. Maintain consistent operational readiness
  4. Back up, test, repeat ransomware response
  5. Implement the principle of least privilege
  6. Educate and train users on ransomware response actions

Explore the conference agenda built on key learnings from recent ransomware and malware attacks. Sample sessions include:

  • Roundtable: Ransomware Defense on a Tight Budget, Minimize Attack Surface, Maximize Resilience
  • Preparing for the Inevitable: Building Your Ransomware Defense Structure
  • Secure Your Backup Data Against Ransomware Threats
  • Top Lessons Learned From the SolarWinds Attack
  • Workshop: Turn Lessons Learned From Recent Supply Chain Attacks Into an Action Plan

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