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Nandita Bery
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Nandita Bery

Director, Information Security
Nandita Bery has been an information security professional for 15 years, for companies from banking to entertainment and media. She started her career building applications and software products which gave her unique insight into the user experience and user behavior, all skills she now leverages to help train people on security best practices to reduce the risk introduced by human behavior. Setting up or inheriting security awareness programs in small tech startups as well as Fortune 100 companies provided her valuable lessons on what resonates with end-users and how to impact risk. She is now applying these to build an industry leading security education and training program at Equinix where she and her growing team are creating some really cool programs which they are happy to share with anyone who needs support.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2023 / 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
Case Study: Equinix: Shall We Play a Game? Gamifying Security Awareness

Awareness teams are stretching the boundaries of traditional education methods to engage audience attention in order to make an impact on containing human risk. Hence, gamified learning has become the new buzzword. In this session, you’ll hear how Equinix has used Microsoft Office 365 tools to build a variety of gamified learning modules. We’ll showcase some of our coolest and hottest games, outline the impact they’ve had on our organization and share templates to help you make them yourself.

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