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Integrate Your Cloud Security Posture With Identity and Access Management


Cloud services can become a vulnerability to an organization’s threat protection and data security strategy if mishandled. Although identity and access management (IAM) programs protect the front door of sanctioned applications, they do not protect against unsanctioned applications. This is where cloud access security brokers  (CASBs) can bridge the gap.

Beat the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Conventional wisdom dictates that an increase in cybersecurity threats requires ever-larger IT security teams. Gartner fellow and research vice president Tom Scholtz says it’s time to think differently. “ 

The 15-Minute, 7-Slide SecurityPresentation for Your Board of Directors

When the request comes in to give a cybersecurity presentation to the board, security leaders should jump at the chance to educate the executives. However, a lengthy, in- depth presentation is more likely to leave the board scratching their heads than directing resources the right way.

How to Hunt For Security Threats


IT security teams are constantly on the lookout for the next hack or vulnerability. As attacks become more advanced and pervasive, the concept and practice of threat hunting has emerged.  

Actions for Internal Audit on Cybersecurity, Data Risks

The number of cyberattacks continues to increase significantly as threat actors become more sophisticated and diversify their methods. It’s hardly surprisingly, then, that cybersecurity preparedness tops the list of internal audit priorities for 2019.

Digital Business Requires Integrated Risk Management

Organizational risks are turning into significant operational surprises, and the frequency will only increase as digital business requirements grow. There is no longer room for siloed risk management programs. Instead, security leaders must focus on building integrated risk management programs.

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