List of Gartner Experts

At the summit, you’ll hear straight from the Gartner analysts behind the research.

Peer Open Discussion (no Gartner facilitation)

Bob Adams

CyberSecurity Strategist

John Addeo

Director Security

Hemant Adhikari


Harish Agastya

VP Enterprise Solutions

Ash Ahuja

VP, Enterprise IT Leader

Michael Aiello

Director, Product Management Security and Privacy

Saniye Burcu Alaybeyi

Research Director

Brian Alexander

Systems Architect

Dmitri Alperovitch


Jon Amato

Sr Director Analyst

Christopher Ambrose

Research VP

Tony Anscombe

Global Security Evangelist

Matt Anthony

VP of Incident Response

Will Aranha

Sales Engineer

Gaurav Banga

CEO and Founder

Jay Barbour

Director Security Product Management

Mike Barch

VP Security Services

Kabir Barday


Augusto Barros

Research VP

Gregory Bell


Gary Berman


Ari Bilici


Evelin Biro

Founder and Principal

Kevin Bocek

Vice President of Corporate Development and Business Development

Steven Booth

Chief Security Officer

Stephen Brannon

Director of Threat Detection and Response

William Brennan

Senior Director

Adam Bromwich

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Chuck Brooks

Principal Market Growth Strategist - Cyb

Toby Bussa

VP Analyst

Frank Buytendijk

Distinguished VP Analyst

James Byrne


F. Christian Byrnes

Managing VP

Rich Campagna


Jonathan Care

Sr Director Analyst

Chris Carlson

Vice President, Product Management

Perry Carpenter

Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer

Jay Chaudhry

CEO & Chairman

George Chedzhemov

Director of Client Success

Matthew Chiodi

Head of Cloud Security Advisory Services

Richard Cho


Rajneesh Chopra


Anton Chuvakin

VP Distinguished Analyst

Jason Clark

Chief Strategy Officer

Aaron Cockerill

Chief Strategy Officer

Linda Conrad


Ruggero Contu

Research Director

Chris Coryea

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy

Michael Covington

Vice President, Product Strategy

Jonathan Cran

Head of Research

Sam Curry

Chief Product Officer

Craig D'Abreo

Vice President - Security Operations

Jeremy D'Hoinne

VP Analyst

Glenn Dally


Jennifer Darwin

Director, Identity and Access Management

Rob Davis

Executive Consultant, Security Intelligence

Alan Dayley

VP Analyst

Mario de Boer

Research VP

Sid Deshpande

Research Director

Joe Diamond

Product Marketing

Meghan Diaz

Head of Product Marketing and Insights

Nedra Dickson

Global Supplier Diversity and Sustainability

Dane Disimino

Product Marketing Manager

Mark Dufresne

VP of Threat Research and Prevention

Nicole Eagan


Mark Eggleston


Keren Elazari

internationally acclaimed security researcher and author

Emmanuel Enaohwo

Senior Manager, Vulnerability & Configuration Management

Barak Feldman


Sarah Fender

Principal Group Program Manager

Justin Fier

Director for Cyber Intelligence and Analysis

Peter Firstbrook

VP Analyst

John Fitzgerald

Director, Product Marketing

Rob Fuller


Grace Gair

Security Architect Director

Alexander Garcia-Tobar


Dale Gardner

Research Director

Simon Gibson


John Girard

Distinguished VP Analyst

Jon Green

Chief Technologist, Security

David Gregory

Sr Director Analyst

Lance Harris


Aspi Havewala

Director of IT

Jay Heiser

VP Analyst

Robert Herjavec

Founder & CEO

John Herring


Aaron Herrmann

Executive Director, Product Manager

Patrick Hevesi

Research Director

Greg Hill

AVP Product Marketing

Timothy Hill

Director Product Management

Adam Hils

Research Director

Chris Hoke

Managing Director of Security

Michael Holcomb

Director of Information Security

Mark Horvath

Sr Director Analyst

Hadi Hosn


Bre Howell


Joanna G. Huisman

Research Director

Michael Isbitski

Research Director

Ofer Israeli

Founder, CEO

Brian Iverson

Research Director

Dan Jacobs

Cybersecurity Coordinator

Mark Jaggers

Sr Director Analyst

Rehan Jalil

SVP Cloud Security

Bob Jamieson

Chief Information Security Officer

Kenneth Johnson

Director, Enterprise Risk and Security

Bob Kalka


Jay Kaplan


Kelly Kavanagh

Principal Research Analyst

Tim "TK" Keanini

Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions Group

Jason A. Keenaghan

Director, Offering Management, IAM & Fra

Robert Keizer

Program Manager

Christopher Kennedy

Head of Enterprise Technology Security

Sarah Kennedy

Security Vulnerability Engineer

Elizabeth Kim

Sr Research Analyst

Deborah Kish

Sr Principal Analyst

Jeff Klaben

Chief Information Officer

Lana Knop

Senior Director, Product Management

Jesse Krembs

Security Practitioner

Ramon Krikken

Research VP

Setu Kulkarni

VP, Product Management

Danessa Lambdin

Vice President Cybersecurity

Dan Larson

VP of Product Marketing

Craig Lawson

Research VP

Janet Levesque

Senior Vice President of Systems, Risk a

Yaron Levi


Avivah Litan

VP Distinguished Analyst

Brian Lowans

Sr Director Analyst

Brian Luckey

National Manager, Service Transition

Myke Lyons

Head of Security Strategy, Security BU

Neil MacDonald

Distinguished VP Analyst

David Mahdi

Sr Director Analyst

Eric Maiwald

Managing VP

Terrence McGraw

VP, Counter Threat Analysis Center

Michael McLoughlin


Leigh McMullen

VP Analyst

Ian McShane

Research Director

Marc-Antoine Meunier

Sr Director Analyst

Todd Moore

SVP, Encryption Products

John P Morency

Research VP

Derek Morford

Business Information Security Officer

Sridhar Muppidi


Brian Murphy


Sushila Nair

Security Portfolio Senior Director

Claudio Neiva

VP Analyst

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy

VP Strategic Programs

Mark Nunnikhoven

Vice President, Cloud & Emerging Technol

Jacob Olcott

Vice President -- Strategic Partnerships

Sam Olyaei

Sr Principal Analyst

Patrick Opet

Cybersecurity Tech. Managing Director

Lawrence Orans

Research VP

Chris Park

Chief Technology Implementation Officer

Joe Partlow


Nipa Patel

Senior Vice President

Tom Pendergast

Chief Strategist, Security, Privacy, and

Nick Percoco

Chief Security Officer

Earl Perkins

VP Analyst

Ryan Permeh

Chief Scientist

Janne Pirttilahti

Vice President, Product Management & Managed Services

Lisa Plaggemier

Dir, Culture of Security, Risk and Clien

Dave Polton

Global Director of Innovation

Khushbu Pratap

Sr Principal Analyst

Paul Proctor

Distinguished VP Analyst

Steve Pulley

Information Security Officer

Ninad Purohit

Go to Market Director - Cybersecurity

Meerah Rajavel


Senthil Ramakrishnan

Lead Member of Technical STaff

Nick Rea

VP, Mobility Innovations

Kevin Reardon

VP, Enterprise Strategy

Chris Richter

VP Global Security Services

Steve Riley

Sr Director Analyst

Ron Ritchey

Chief Security Architect

Kevin Robins

Mary Ruddy

VP Analyst

Sabya Sachi

Chief Technology Officer

Gorka Sadowski

Sr Director Analyst

Raj Samani

Chief Scientist and McAfee Fellow

Vipin Samar

Senior Vice President, Database Security

Shivajee Samdarshi

Sr. Vice President, Engineering

Ethan Schmertzler

CEO & President

Ian Schmertzler

President and CFO

Tom Scholtz

Distinguished VP Analyst

Beth Schumaecker

Senior Executive Advisor

blair semple

Business Development

Rayona Sharpnack

Founder and CEO

Dan Shelton

Director, Product Management

Vivek Shivananda


Pete Shoard

Sr Director Analyst

Idan Shoham


Garry Sidaway

SVP of Security Strategy

Luke Simonetti

Sr Director Consulting

Kevin Skahill

Director, Product Management

Daniel Smith

Global Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President

Rob Smith

Sr Director Analyst

Bob Smock

VP Consulting

Russell Spitler

Vice President, Product Strategy

Hari Srinivasan

Director of Product Management

Suda Srinivasan

Vice President, Growth

Srikrupa Srivatsan

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Security

Matthew T. Stamper

Research Director

James Stavridis


Matthew Stits

Security Architect

Christie Struckman

VP Analyst

Dave Stuart

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Ellen Sundra

VP, Systems Engineering

Justin Taylor

Sr Director Analyst

Katell Thielemann

Research VP

Ayal Tirosh

Principal Research Analyst

Aaron Toren

Global IT Security Operations Center Manager

Gregory Touhill

CISSP, CISM Brigadier General, USAF (ret) President Cyxtera Federal Group

Andrew Tsonchev

Director of Technology

Surbhi Tugnawat

IAM Lead

Ajay Uggirala

Director of Product Marketing

Paolo Vallotto

Chief Information Security Officer

William Varma

Head of Cyber Security Strategy, Labs and Solutions

Brian Vecci

Technical Evangelist

Adam Vincent


Wam Voster

Sr Director Analyst

Andrew Walls

Managing VP

Deb Walter

ISO Manager - Training & Awareness

Todd Waskelis

AVP & GM Cybersecurity Consulting

Eric Weakland

Director, Information Security

Tatiana Wells

Sr Director

Steve Wenc

VP, Team Manager

Andrew Wertkin

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Debra Wheatman


Jeffrey Wheatman

Research VP

John A. Wheeler

Sr Director, Advisory

Steve White

Chief Security Officer

Robb Wilber

Director, Global Networks and Telecom

Diane Wilkinson

Senior Partner

Sean Willeford

Director, Software Engineering

Bart Willemsen

Sr Director Analyst

Belinda Wilson

Sr Director Consulting

Roberta Witty

VP Analyst

Matthias Wollnik

Senior Product Manager

Neil Wynne

Principal Analyst

Uzi Yair

Product Manager

Aleksandr Yampolskiy


Tony Young

Chief Information Officer

Brad Zehring

Director Product Management

Gil Zimmermann

Head of Cloud Security GTM

Dionisio Zumerle

Sr Director Analyst

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