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Company sales of noise-canceling headphones were skyrocketing. Manufacturing and the warehouse were prepared, but outdated ordering systems and delivery inefficiencies kept the product sitting in inventory for far too long.

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The future of manufacturing connects factories that synchronize processes, data and human ingenuity with customer value. The romance is fading for concepts such as Industry 4.0, digital supply chain and smart manufacturing. These bold visions of the future require new levels of supply chain agility and factory flexibility that previously were not possible. Not all companies are prepared to take this big leap forward. This complimentary webinar provides practical ways to get ahead of the curve and maximize manufacturing’s potential.

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Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo 2020 has a dedicated conference track:

Business models are changing dramatically, customer expectations are heightening, lead times are shortening, and revolutionary new technology capabilities continue to emerge. CSCOs are shifting their perspective for manufacturing operations from a cost of doing business to a partner to the business, and source of revenue generation and growth. While volatile market conditions and economic pressures are narrowing the focuses on optimizing costs, quality and capacity utilization, the time to take action is now.

Topics include:

  • Digital manufacturing technology
  • Organizational designs
  • Workforce competencies
  • Establishing operational efficiencies
Gartner Predicts

  • 93% of supply chain leaders agreed that manufacturing operations are a critical component of their organization’s digital supply chain strategies.