Ankur Modi

VP Strategy and Results Delivery, Philip Morris International
Case Study: Set Success Targets for Your Future New Product Introductions

Companies rely on new product introductions (NPIs) to improve revenue and profitability, but NPIs often fail to deliver their desired outcome. In this session, Ankur Modi from Philip Morris International (PMI) shares the PMI approach to defining the right set of metrics that measure and evaluate the success of new product introductions.

Wendy Herrick

Head of Digital Supply Chain, Unilever
Case Study: In the Loop, On the Loop, Out of the Loop — Creating a Real-Time, Adaptive Supply Chain

Disruption-proofing your supply chain requires an ongoing evolution of processes, technology, talent and partnerships. You must sense and respond in real time to changes in the marketplace. In this session, we share a major consumer goods manufacturer’s strategy for and lessons from creating a real-time “sense and respond” supply chain.

Jens Lässig

VP Integrated Supply Chain Management, Nokia
Case Study: Supply Planning in Times of Global Demand Shock

Nokia has been operating in a highly volatile market and has had to build new capabilities to manage a new level of component shortages triggered by cross-industry demand shocks. In this session, you can learn from Nokia’s experiences and apply the insights to guiding your own organizations to compete effectively during unsettling times.

Annette Benging

Senior Product Support Manager, U.S. Department of Defense, Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division
Case Study: Transformation and Innovation Through a Multipronged Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain networks can be compromised by adversaries in as little as 18 minutes and 49 seconds. We must set the organizational and operational conditions — from analytic monitoring to cohesive system automation and agile methodologies — to improve adaptive response capabilities and outpace adversaries.

Sven Markert

Head of Supply Chain, Siemens
Case Study: How Can Supply Chain Lead and/or Support Winning in the Turns

Siemens shares how it leverages supply chain to support evolving business models in an environment of accelerated pace of future change.

Eric Dwinells

Director, Global Supply Management Operations, Bose
Case Study: Proactively Sensing and Responding to Supply Chain Disruptions

In volatile times, successful companies approach risk proactively and invest in capabilities to sense and respond to disruptions quickly. In this session, we showcase how consumer electronics maker Bose uses people, processes and technology to identify and mitigate risk across its global supply base — and how it deployed them to manage through the COVID-19 pandemic.