Maximize learning by attending as a group.

Supply chains are moving faster every second, and it’s up to supply chain executives and their teams to stay in the know on the latest trends and strategies to meet consumer demands — all while optimizing quality and improving efficiencies.

Building a high-performing supply chain and driving supply chain innovation and agility is a team sport. Attend this year with your team to get:

  • 130+ sessions split across 6 tracks. Role-specific content allows your team to divide and conquer to discover the latest Gartner research and learn how to apply it to your 2020 strategy.
  • A powerful offsite group experience where your team can get together in an intimate and inspiring setting, share takeaways and create an immediate plan to hit the ground running when you get back to the office.
  • Direct access to more tools. Empowered members return to work as one powerful team ready to put what they learn into action, rather than spending time catching up on insights delivered second hand.
  • Expert 1:1 meetings for each team member. Address your top challenges with the right experts. Individuals can cover a broader range of topics with Gartner experts that are specific to your organization’s needs.

Complimentary Registrations

  • 1 for every 4 paid registrations
  • 2 for every 8 paid registrations
  • 3 for every 12 paid registrations
  • 4 for every 16 paid registrations

For more information, email or contact your Gartner representative. 

Group Rate Discount terms and conditions

  • Qualifying paid registrations for Gartner conferences are: cash registrations and paid ticket registrations.
  • A combination of paid tickets and cash registrations may be used to qualify for Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations.
  • Some restrictions may apply to ticket registrations.  Contact your Gartner representative if you have questions.
  • All registrations must be paid in full before complimentary Group Rate Discount registrations can be used.
  • Groups must consist of employees of the same organization and are registered for the same conference.
  • There is a limit of four Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations per organization.
  • The Group Rate Discount is voided by all other group offers and promotions for conference attendance. Time-based registration offers such as early bird are still applicable.
  • The Group Rate Discount terms and conditions do not void or supersede Gartner conference terms and conditions. All registrations are subject to the full conference terms and conditions
  • The conference is organized by Gartner, which reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual. Gartner’s receipt of an application and/or payment does not constitute acceptance. Application and payments that are not accepted will be returned.