The World’s Most Important Gathering of CSCOs and Supply Chain Executives™

6 – 9 June 2022 | Orlando, FL

People, Planet, Profit: Purpose-Driven Supply Chains Take Center Stage

The virtual Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo, October 25 – 27, offered content for every member of the supply chain team — from insights, strategies and frameworks for CSCOs and supply chain leaders to build the sustainable, societal and profitable supply chain required for a dynamic world. CSCO’s and supply chain leaders gained the skills to expand their horizons, embracing not only profitability but the business purpose and the human element to create the capabilities needed for organizational success.

At the conference, the top 5 sessions that CSCO’s and supply chain leaders attended included:

  1. Demand Planning Begins Where Forecasting Ends
  2. Does Your Supply Chain Organization "Speak" Data?
  3. Metrics: The Key to Higher Quality Decision Making Across 4 Planning Horizons
  4. The 2021 Top Supply Chain Technology Themes
  5. Signature Series: The Future of Supply Chain

We hope you enjoyed the virtual 2021 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo!  If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

The program for the 2022 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!


Supply chains are managing a new pace of strategy development. CSCOs need the appropriate methodology to translate business objectives, customer needs, trends and disruptions into a vision for the future supply chain that is aligned to the corporate strategic direction. 

Digital supply chain

Identify technology investment to further transform supply chains toward purpose-driven goals. Pursue digital initiatives that drive quick business growth, support cost optimization and enhance supply chain agility. 

Supply chain talent 

Develop talent strategies that drive inclusion, build the capability foundations to create a culture of customer centricity, innovation, collaboration quality and reliability to maximize supply chain value.

The value of attending a Gartner conference is that you learn from our extensive research, leverage Gartner’s thousands of customer interactions and network with your industry colleagues. We offer advice and strategies upon which you and your team can build a pragmatic, agile and resilient path forward. Our program covers every role, starting with the CSCO and all of the critical roles reporting into his/her office.

Bart De Muynck

VP Analyst and Conference Chair

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    Join a global community of CSCOs and supply chain executives

    Our supply chain conference offered attendees a one-stop shop to access research-backed sessions, get expert advice and solve problems with colleagues. Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ addressed the strategic needs of CSCOs and supply chain executives.

    Use new technologies to adapt to the ever-changing environment in which they’re operating
    • Align your supply chain strategy with the business strategy. 
    • Improve supply chains’ resilience and agility in meeting customer needs. 
    • Build more flexible processes and options for fulfilling orders through new business models. 
    • Rebuild work and build capabilities for a digital supply chain. 
    • Improve the customer experience (CX) by delivering on the extremes of customer preferences. 
    Innovate new ways of fast and more efficient decision making driven by collaboration
    • Balance short- and long-term decisions that enable your company to be more competitive in a dynamic environment. 
    • Build more intentional programs to globally attract and develop the best talent.
    • Develop processes that drive a competitive edge for your business to plan for demand and supply beyond physical barriers.
    • Sharpen the focus to reduce waste in planning. 
    • Innovate new ways of planning to optimize profitability and maximize use of available resources to reduce environmental impact.
    Anticipate and manage supplier risks, invest in digital capabilities and skill to transform procurement’s productivity
    • Position the procurement function as a source of competitive advantage. 
    • Broaden your mission to go beyond cost savings and actively promote innovation, risk mitigation, sustainability and supplier diversity. 
    • Increase resilience through deep knowledge of the supply base, dynamic risk monitoring and more robust supply relationship management processes.
    • Build different strategies to increase collaboration and better prepare for supplier side disruption.
    • Learn about the latest trends in digital transformation and talent development used by world-class procurement organizations. 
    Reduce reliance on complex networks to improve resilience and build new ways of working across factory networks without compromising operational excellence
    • Learn which methods work best to marry digital acumen with management skills. 
    • Cultivate new organizational designs and workforce competencies.
    • Discover leading ways to translate corporate strategy, new business model designs and game-changing technologies to elevate manufacturing and quality capabilities.
    • Connect manufacturing and quality across the business ecosystem and improve reliable supply. 
    • Build strategies and tactics that engage strategy partners, mitigate risks and boost resiliency. 
    Achieve agility at the right cost and build a sustainable approach to fulfill customer requirements
    • Validate and communicate the tipping points of balancing agility and cost.
    • Discover how supply chains develop logistics sustainability strategies that are aspirational and achievable. 
    • Harness the benefits that top talent can provide. 
    • Assess where technology can enhance logistics operations. 
    • Balance the benefits of both talent and technology.
    Dynamically adapt to business changes to deliver customer experience and corporate competitive advantage
    • Drive excellence through customer fulfillment through mindset and operating strategy. 
    • Deliver agile and responsive service while optimizing cost and inventory levels. 
    • Adapt your supply chain to meet the increasingly different and purpose-driven needs of customers. 
    • Partner across the enterprise to deliver targeted customer outcomes. 
    • Shift the balance from product-centric to customer-centric in everyday decisions and behaviors across the supply chain. 
    • Improve fill rate and on-time results. 

    2021 Tracks at a Glance

    Attendees had access to over 100 sessions of the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help CSCO's and supply chain leaders meet the demands of the future. Each track had a particular area of focus that helped deliver what matters most to you and your organization.

    Track A

    Chief Supply Chain Officers: Strategy and Trends

    Supply chains are engaging in portfolios of operating models designed to reduce corporate risk and deliver segmented customer service at optimal cost. This track guides CSCOs and heads of supply chain strategy to find inspiration and guidance in planning their new supply chain strategy of tomorrow.

    Track B

    Chief Supply Chain Officers: Leadership and Governance

    Discover leadership inspiration and how-to’s to build the talent, capability foundations and agility required to realize complex corporate and societal goals. This track helps CSCOs and supply chain leaders create, lead and articulate the value of an integrated end-to-end supply chain.

    Track C

    Supply Chain Planning

    The new global landscape requires supply chain planning leaders to innovate new ways of fast and more efficient decision making driven by collaboration. This track offers insights on how to improve processes, develop a thriving organization, exceling in business performance, and prioritizing technology investments to adapt to the increasing needs of commercial objectives.

    Track D

    Sourcing and Procurement

    Chief procurement officers (CPOs) face a demanding agenda with often competing priorities. This track provides insights and frameworks to help CPOs and their teams deliver on strategic objectives while creating new ways to add value and provide a competitive advantage to their companies.

    Track E

    Manufacturing and Quality

    The role of manufacturing operations and quality management is shifting from a cost center to top-line growth. This track will present exciting strategies, technologies, and practices while cutting through the hype to provide CSCOs, manufacturing and quality leaders the tactics, practical approaches and inspiration necessary to create and deliver the next level of value.

    Track F

    Logistics and Customer Fulfillment

    Supply chain leaders responsible for logistics and customer fulfillment must balance agility and costs while addressing a sustainable strategy and deployment. This track help inform and guide logistics leaders as they navigate the challenges across agility, cost, sustainability, technology and talent to ensure a secure and resilient future.

    Track G

    Consumer Products and Retail

    The retail and consumer products environment has accelerated the need for supply chains to rethink their traditional operating models. This track has been developed for retail and consumer products supply chain leaders looking to accelerate their processes, tools and capabilities in order to dynamically adapt to business changes to deliver CX as well as a corporate competitive advantage.

    Track H

    Healthcare Life Sciences

    It has never been more clear that high-maturity supply chains can be a competitive advantage for life science companies: supplying critical products, providing resiliency and having a positive impact on society. This track gives leaders the insights, strategies and frameworks to build supply chains that meet the changing needs of healthcare.

    Track I

    High-Tech and Industrial

    Supply chain leaders in high-tech and industrial industries are leaning into technologies that enable near real-time and predictive decision making. Customers, suppliers, trading partners and employees are looked at as part of an ecosystem to drive value and change. This track offers insights into what some organizations are doing to separate themselves and position for success in the upcoming future.

    Track J


    This year’s CSCO’s imperative is to meet purpose-driven goals and maintain economic viability. Those purpose-driven supply chains move beyond transactional relationships, focusing on innovation and collaboration, making supply chain technology more important than ever. This track provides relevant, unbiased and practical insights and advice that inform decisions on technology acquisitions to advance in the digital journey.

    Track K

    Customer Experience

    Increasingly, CSCOs are being called on to not only manage the supply chain for profit but also to deliver corporate competitive advantage and drive growth. Capturing this growth is strongly linked to understanding and managing your CX. This track informs and guides supply chain leaders in developing customer centricity and designing solutions to enhance the customer experience.

    Track L


    Top-performing supply chains view sustainability as a competitive advantage. These purpose-driven supply chains are achieving sustainability with new business models, such as the circular economy, and by using digital tools to gain insight. Organizations need to adopt agile strategies and ensure sufficient resources to meet growing stakeholder expectations and maximize value.

    Track M

    Culture of Quality

    Supply chain companies seek to broaden their mission beyond profit. They are elevating people and purpose, gaining greater competitive advantage. This track explores how to build and sustain a strong culture of quality.

    Track N

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Employees expect their employer to take a stand on societal issues regardless of the issue’s relevance to them. This track provides you with specific steps for improving inclusion in the workplace, creating more equitable talent outcomes, and improving the attractiveness of your organization to diverse candidates.

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