Predicts 2020: Leadership Gaps, More Than Culture, Inhibit Digital Business Transformation

Are you realizing your digital ambitions more slowly than expected?

We have four trends CIOs and IT executives need to know about that are impacting strategy execution. In this research note, we look at some of the exposures in strategy, leadership, governance and operating models triggered by these disruptions.

How do you accelerate your digital ambitions? 

Key  Findings

  • IT leaders struggle to understand the full scope and complexity of necessary changes to leadership, management, people, processes and technology solutions in order to realize their digital ambition.
  • Gaps in leadership capabilities, such as envisioning, are major contributors to slow or ineffective progress, and are root causes of many of the perceived cultural barriers.
  • A set of distinctive practices, such as clear accountability, co-created governance and timely access to subject matter experts, separates enterprises successfully leveraging business-led IT to accelerate digital transformation.

Gartner recommends CIOs and IT executives should do the following: 

  • Invest in leadership development that addresses key leadership capability gaps such as envisioning, decision making and relationship building.
  • Establish clarity of enterprise IT governance structure and IT decision rights by defining and communicating a clear operating model and associated high-level RACI charts.
  • Invest in the practices that will professionalize business-led IT, leveraging enterprisewide talent more effectively to accelerate digital programs.

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