2020 CIO Agenda A Higher Education Perspective

Is your organization "fit"? How does higher education compare to other industries when it comes to digital business transformation?

See how higher education stacks up to other industries through the 2020 CIO agenda. 

Key  Findings

  • Higher education has the lowest proportion of “fit” respondents compared to other industries. However, most institutions are yet to be tested.
  • Higher education on average lags in all top 10 attributes that make organizations fit for the turns.
  • Digital progress continues in higher education, but there are signs of a digital divide.

CIOs and IT executives should:

  • Deliver clarity in vision, strategy and leadership in order to direct the whole institution’s resources, people, process and technology toward a focused response to a turn.
  • Build forecasting abilities (such as strategic planning and competitive intelligence departments), to anticipate opportunities and threats that can be exploited to get ahead in a turn.
  • Build formal and informal change abilities in IT. 

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