Business Trends in Government

IT leaders — ensure your digital strategies stay on track while delivering value to constituents. Get the latest business megatrends driving public policies and practices in 2020.

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Key  Findings

  • Government CIOs have a pivotal role in shaping how public services can be transformed by deploying technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain in a secure, transparent and ethical manner.
  • The top business trends driving the digital transformation of government are: social instability, perpetual austerity, aging population, rising populism and sustainable systems
  • Significant changes to public-sector business processes and services are expected well beyond 2020.

Gartner recommends CIOs and IT executives should do the following: 

  • Establish your reputation as a business-oriented CIO by anticipating the long-term impacts of business trends on government and implementing an IT strategic plan that addresses those impacts.
  • Review the effectiveness of your IT strategic plan with key stakeholders and sponsors at least every six months to ensure it accurately reflects changing business drivers and emerging business needs.
  • Use your organization’s business strategy as the basis for optimizing government business and enterprise operating models.

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