As IT and OT Converge, IT and Engineers Should Learn From Each Other

As more projects in asset-intensive industries become hybrid designs of IT and OT, CIOs need to work more effectively with engineers. Borrowing lessons from how engineers plan, design and execute projects will serve IT well as IoT and digital business become pervasive.

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Key  Findings

  • CIOs must start to see engineering values of a risk-averse, safety-first attitude as useful.
  • Engineering formal standards and methods to determine the reliability and safety of assets will need to become part of a development process within IT.
  • CIOs will have to see cyber-physical system (CPS) security as not only a physical safety and reliability requirement, but also a software integrity need.

Gartner recommends CIOs and IT executives should: 

  • Develop and deliver a fit-for-purpose IT/OT/IoT risk strategy.
  • Perform “culture hacking” of IT culture with engineering mindsets and practices
  • Restructure risk and security training, awareness and talent to integrate engineering design principles.

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