Hung LeHong

Hung LeHong

Distinguished VP Analyst
Hung LeHong is a VP and Gartner Fellow in Gartner Research and a member of the CEO and Digital Business Leaders research group. He focuses on CEOs and other C-level executives to help them anticipate changes to business models and consumer trends caused by digital business. He helps executives understand what's coming in three years and beyond, so they can innovate today to improve their position or effectiveness in the future.
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Tuesday, 12 May, 2020 / 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM EDT
Gartner Opening Keynote

The 2020 Gartner IT Symposium Opening Keynote will address the key challenges and opportunities CIOs face today and present a compelling vision for the changing role of the CIO and IT in the emerging digital society. We will explore these ideas to provide practical advice and inspiration for the future.

Wednesday, 13 May, 2020 / 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EDT
Reaching Your TechQuilibrium: How Traditional Companies Can Become Technology Companies

In the digital age, many enterprises have the aspirations to become a "technology" company. But will they really? Gartner believes that every enterprise has an equilibrium point between being a traditional and digital company. It's not as easy as digitalizing your operations, experiences, and products/services. Come find out what it takes to be as digital as you can be and reach your TechQuilibrium.

Wednesday, 13 May, 2020 / 03:30 PM - 04:15 PM EDT
Digital Revenue: The Business of Digital Business

Enterprises are being pushed to digitalize their product/services and launch new digital products, and even business models. But does this make financial sense? Is the digital way a better way to earn revenue and margins than the traditional “analog” approaches. Even a simple example like selling in a store vs. selling online is not obvious. For most enterprises, digital represents financial improvement — but surprisingly for some, it is not to their financial benefit. Apply the concepts of this session to your enterprise to see if your digital journey is pointing in the right financial direction.

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