Step outside the box with our Maverick sessions

Maverick is the Gartner incubator for unconventional, disruptive and breakthrough research. In these sessions, Gartner experts take minority positions, introduce new topics or explore longer-time horizons. Maverick research challenges your thinking and helps you future-fit your strategies. Get a view outside traditional boundaries and gain a greater sense of confidence in your speculations and projections from these expert-led sessions.

Maverick: Digital Humans Will Drive Digital Transformation

A “digital human” economy provides the opportunity for a new digital ecosystem, underpinned by technology that brings together individuals and organizations to innovate and interact in new ways. This session focuses on enabling organizations to differentiate and compete in the world of digital humans.

Maverick: The End of Innovation (As We Know It)

Basic research leading to applied innovation on a scale to solve global problems such as climate change and epidemics is faltering. This lack of research will hurt businesses unless leaders exchange anti-innovation behaviors for pro-innovation ones.

Maverick: Pursuing a 360-Degree View of the Customer? Time for a 180!

Pursuing a “360-degree view of the customer” is complex. Why? It’s a mess of expensive technology investments with overlapping functionality. From lessons from the past 20 years of investment in this high-growth, hyped-up space, you learn:

  • How past pursuits of unified data such as CRM and master data management have failed us
  • Whether to pursue “360 degrees” or a subset of that
  • How to measure and evaluate progress

Maverick: Combating Digital Dysfunction Requires You to Peel the Onion Without Crying

Leaders are exploiting digital technologies to support a hybrid workforce. However, it brings unforeseen and unexpected consequences that have persistent and deep negative effects on individual employees and on organizations. Learn how “layers and players” can identify disequilibrium and remedy organizational digital dysfunction.

Maverick: Gartner Global Scenarios 2021 — Why You Should Heal Society First

Forget climate change and COVID-19 recovery for a moment and focus on “social fractures” first. Because if we don’t solve those, we can’t deal with pandemics and global warming. Social fractures deeply impact every organization, everywhere. In four provocative global scenarios, we explore what YOU should do to address social fractures and benefit in the process.

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