Step outside the box with our Maverick sessions

Maverick is the Gartner incubator for unconventional, disruptive and breakthrough research. In these sessions, Gartner experts take minority positions, introduce new topics or explore longer-time horizons. Maverick research challenges your thinking and helps you future-fit your strategies. Get a view outside traditional boundaries and a greater sense of confidence in your speculations and projections from these expert-led sessions.

Gartner Global Scenarios: A $170 Billion Autonomous Business Just Entered Your Industry. Now What?

In the Gartner Global Scenarios program, we tackle a cross-industry, cross-regional futuristic topic every year. This year we examine what would happen if autonomous businesses have become the norm. What would that mean for your organization, and your role? What potential impacts could autonomous businesses have on your industry? What would be the various scenarios on how autonomous businesses would even work? Time to sit back, reflect and see how “what if” thinking will help you get new ideas that will help your business today.

How CIOs Can Help Their Organizations Become Digitally Sensitive to Drive a Great CX

Understanding consumer attitudes and beliefs, how emotion fits into transactional and interaction requirements, and how technology adoption is driven by psychological attributes is essential. This presentation reviews three concepts — empathy, emotional sensitivity and digital sensitivity — providing recommendations to CIOs on how to address these problems and drive effective customer experience (CX) programs.

Tales From the Metaverse

The metaverse not only opens up many opportunities for technology innovation leaders but also opens up many questions that need to be raised and answered (as much as possible).

Weaponizing Privacy

By design, regulation is intended to introduce guardrails, provide structure, guarantee fairness and ultimately protect the public. One of the major concerns with new regulation is that it may be used by large, well-resourced organizations to gain further market dominance. Here we take a close look at two recent examples in which privacy regulations are potentially being weaponized.

The Future According to Maverick

Strategic planning is crucial, but most organizations limit their vision to five years or less. CIOs and IT leaders should look further ahead by assessing the less obvious developments envisaged by the provocative Gartner Maverick research.

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