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Nicole Malachowski
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Nicole Malachowski

First Woman Thunderbird Pilot; Combat Veteran; Fighter Squadron Commander; White House Fellow And Adviser; Indominable Spirit
A 2019 National Women's Hall of Fame inductee and recent Presidential appointee, Colonel Nicole M. E. Malachowski (USAF, Ret.) has over 21 years of experience as an officer, leader, and fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. Upon her commission into the military, she was competitively selected to fly combat aircraft and embarked on an adventure among the first group of women to fly modern fighter aircraft. Nicole served as a mission ready fighter pilot in three operational F-15E squadrons and accumulated over 2,300 flight hours, including 188 hours in combat. She has had the honor of commanding a fighter squadron, flying as a USAF Thunderbird pilot, serving as a White House Fellow and as an advisor to the First Lady of the United States. Nicole has forged a successful path through immense cultural changes in the military as well as significant adversity in her personal life. Following her medical retirement from the Air Force due to the severe impacts of late-stage Tick Borne Illness, Nicole reinvented herself as a highly successful entrepreneur, professional speaker, and leadership consultant. She’s been happily married to her husband Paul, an Air Force veteran, for over 19 years. When not hurriedly chasing their eleven-year-old twins around, she finds immense meaning in practicing Tai Chi and advocating for those impacted by Tick Borne Illnesses. (©2021 Nicole Malachowski & Associates, LLC-All Rights Reserved)
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Tuesday, October 18, 2022 / 02:15 PM - 02:45 PM EDT
Fireside Chat with Guest Keynote Speaker Nicole Malachowski

Join us for a fireside chat with Guest Keynote Speaker and First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Nicole Malachowski. During this session, Nicole will share stories and inspiration from her time as an officer, leader and fighter pilot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 / 05:00 PM - 05:45 PM EDT
Guest Keynote: The Mach 2 Mindset: Decision-Making in a High-Speed Environment

One popular pilot saying is “speed is life,” because without enough speed, an airplane is nothing more than an expensive rock. In the business world, especially when technology is involved, speed can be just as crucial. The organization that moves the fastest often realizes the most success. Having flown a high-tech fighter aircraft that can reach speeds of up to twice the speed of sound, Nicole Malachowski offers principles that keep any organization functioning smoothly, efficiently, and at high speed, even when chaos and the unexpected occur.

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