Venecia Liu

Venecia Liu

VP, Team Manager
Venecia Liu is a Research VP on the CIO Industries team and the Transportation Team Manager. Ms. Liu consults on market strategies, business and technology trends, and disruptive forces. Given the impact of COVID-19 first in Asia, she has been advising companies globally on technologies and strategies amid COVID-19.
Ms. Liu also manages the automotive and transportation research team at Gartner.

Ms. Liu's current research spans digital business strategies, monetization models, ecosystems, passenger engagement, ideation and innovation. In addition to providing strategic advice, Ms. Liu tracks IT spending trends and investigates new technologies.

Ms. Liu advises a range of global clients from Fortune 1000s to startups and government agencies on the technology trends disrupting their business, strategic go-to-market opportunities, solution positioning, market messaging and perspectives on the future industry direction.
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Thursday, October 22, 2020 / 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM EDT
The Future Of Data-Driven Transportation

Automotive and transportation business models are increasingly converging leading to an expanse of existing ecosystems. This session will explore real world examples and the innovative use of technologies and emerging business models.

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