Product Management Strategies for Success

Product management leaders face a rapidly changing environment in the planning, development, launch and management of the organization’s products. You’re likely looking for insights on investment and portfolio strategies that will help you evolve your product for the next big market shift.


Learn how to stay ahead — explore this Gartner research, which provides valueable insights to successful product management. Then explore related sessions at Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2019 for an even deeper dive on the critical issues facing product managers today.

Research: 10 Steps for Technology Product Managers to Improve Differentiation

Technology product managers want to differentiate their product to gain a competitive advantage. Take these 10 steps to improve differentiation and coordinate with your colleagues in product marketing. These are the foundational activities for differentiation that you can’t afford to forgo.


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Article: Fuel Digital Business With Product Management

This article looks at three ways to use product management to improve digital strategy and governance.


1.   Tailor the staffing of product management to your firm

2.   Recruit people who have the skills to excel at product management

3.   Equip your product management practice for sustained success


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Related agenda track for product management at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference
Track B: Drive Digital Product Disruption and Differentiation


The product manager’s challenge of managing evolution and innovation within a technology business has never been greater. Global competition, accelerated development timelines, and unprecedented disruption through emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain have been game changers. Explore the expanding technology landscape and how to differentiate your products and services.


What you’ll learn in the sessions in this track:


•       Differentiation techniques for products and services to gain competitive advantage

•       How to create a solid feature and function product strategy

•       How to build and measure a best-practice product management organization

•       Which disruptive technologies and business models will impact the life of your products and services



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