Tech CEOs Leading Through Digital Disruption for Increased Revenue

Tech CEOs are under increased pressure to manage multiple priorities and also gain market share and accelerate growth strategies to compete and survive. You need ways to develop and validate a winning product, drive a culture of innovation, create competitive differentiation, and generate leads all while the pace of change accelerates! How do you do all of this and build a plan for profitable growth, align priorities, and understand how to operationalize and execute on your vision?


Read the research to get the insights on the most pressing issues facing tech CEOs today. Then explore the related sessions at Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2019 and find out how you can gain the insights you need to lead your business to success.

Research: Driving Digital Business Transformation for Industry Leadership — An Executive Perspective

This research explores the challenges and opportunities that enterprises and functions face when building new business and operating models around digital technologies. Get insights and advice on these areas and many more:


  • Ambition — How to understand the broad scope of digital business and harness its potential to create new markets or business models for your organization
  • Design — How functions can help the organization identify its digital maturity, and become more sophisticated consumers of digital technologies in preparation for digital business transformation
  • Deliver — How to prepare your function to support your organization’s digital business transformation initiatives and overall business vision


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Article: Fight Digital Transformation Fatigue

Even for organizations that have clear transformation destinations, finding a way to get people moving in that direction can be challenging. Often, people assume that to move toward transformation, the solution has to be large and overarching. In reality, CIOs can opt for smaller changes that can be enacted immediately — and that can also have a huge impact.


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Related agenda track for CEOs at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference
Track D: Business Model Reinvention for Growth

Technology CEOs face unprecedented market disruption. Changing client demands and changing buyers continue to cause widespread disruption of traditional business models. Technology providers must continually reinvent their organizations to ensure that they are ever-evolving for sustainability and growth.  


What you’ll learn in the sessions in this track:


•       How to ensure that your business model is set up to scale

•       Innovative approaches to scale over and beyond your current market

•       How to drive customer adoption and use technology at scale

•       How to build effective partnerships and ecosystems

•       The best ways to attract and retain talent in a competitive market



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