2019 Conference Tracks

Explore the 2019 Agenda Tracks, designed to help you exploit disruption as a source of unprecedented innovation, opportunity and growth. View the full track detail along with hot topics covered during the event.

Track A | Lead Portfolio Innovation and Expansion


Sustained revenue and market share growth are challenges for any tech company. General managers and portfolio leaders need foresight to navigate shifts in technologies, predict markets and models that could destabilize their “cash cow” businesses, and take the organization in new directions while also meeting shorter-term organizational commitments. Take an analytics-driven deep dive to identify the highest growth and profitability opportunities for providers.

Track B | Drive Digital Product Disruption and Differentiation


The product manager’s challenge of managing evolution and innovation within a technology business has never been greater. Global competition, accelerated development timelines, and unprecedented disruption through emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain have been game changers. Whether you are a software, hardware, solutions or service provider, you need to focus on the emerging discipline of digital product management. Explore the expanding technology landscape and how to differentiate your products and services.

Track C | Customer-Centric Marketing for Success


Buying cycles continue to lengthen, market segments continue to grow, and more competition is entering the markets. Product marketers are challenged with understanding market dynamics and providing value throughout the buying cycle in order to attract buyers and keep their attention. Explore how to align your sales and marketing efforts to meet the needs of today’s buyers. Discover go-to-market (GTM) best practices, increase your impact with account-based marketing programs, and learn how to better attract and retain customers.

Track D | Business Model Reinvention for Growth


Technology CEOs face unprecedented market disruption. Changing client demands and changing buyers continue to disrupt traditional business models. Technology providers must continually reinvent their organizations to ensure sustainability and growth. Explore how technology providers can structure organizations that scale, either alone or with effective partnerships and ecosystems.

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