Join us in 2023

The 2022 conference addressed the mission-critical priorities of product marketers, including reinventing marketing to address postpandemic opportunities, leveraging emerging technologies and trends to seize growth, and much more.

Our powerful Gartner keynote session helped attendees expand their thinking and discover new approaches to make smarter business decisions. Immerse yourself into this world-class keynote by Hank Barnes that confronts the challenges of the modern buying model and lays out a path forward for technology providers.

Modern technology customers have access to more options and information than ever before but often regret their decisions. The frustrations are expanding as technology decisions are more democratized, and the paradox between more power and more regret impacts growth strategies.

This is one example of the strategic insights you can expect to gain at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2023.

Join us and learn how you can:

  • Build and lead a proactive organization amid a dynamic and challenging market
  • Implement strategies to anticipate disruption from emerging technologies and market forces
  • Connect with audiences to drive successful buying experiences
  • Achieve cross-functional alignment to improve the customer’s product and service experience
  • Develop strategies in startup organizations to win and retain customers and talent
  • Improve your product, marketing, buying experience and organization with innovative technologies and trends
  • Engage influencers and partners to inform business decisions

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