You shared your feedback with us in 2021. We are bringing it to life in 2022 at #GartnerTGI.

Technology and service providers are grappling with the dynamics and challenges of growing their businesses by selling high-tech products or services, which involves complex buying and owning processes, from first point of engagement to decision to implementation to customer satisfaction, retention and growth. We built this conference to help our attendees address these challenges.

Don’t miss this conference: Be the first to hear results of our latest research and technology trends, that you won’t get anywhere else.

We are unveiling brand-new 2022 research at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference this year. Use the strategic insights from Gartner experts to accelerate your organization’s growth and innovation trajectory.

What’s new in 2022 for returning alumni?

  1. New research to be unveiled for the first time   
  2. Actionable insights to implement Immediately
  3. 37 Gartner experts
  4. Case studies shared directly from your peers in our breakout and interactive sessions
  5. Opportunities to share and learn in our new role-based roundtables  

Join us again in 2022 and learn how to:

  • Build and lead a proactive organization amid a dynamic and challenging market
  • Implement strategies to anticipate disruption from emerging technologies and market forces  
  • Engage audiences to drive successful buying experiences.
  • Develop strategies in startup organizations to win and retain customers and talent
  • Drive revenue growth through innovative product and service experiences