At the virtual Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2022, July 12 – 13, in the Americas, AR professionals will receive a uniquely informed update on driving tech growth fueled by a customer-centric approach.

This conference is built for AR professionals like you, enabling you to develop AR strategies that enable executives to make more informed decisions, build strategies that leverage analyst insights to impact growth, and enhance AR’s value to the product, service and customer experience.

By joining this conference, Analyst relations (AR) professionals will learn how to up-level the impact of AR to align with and meet corporate objectives:

  • Explore ways to proactively collaborate to stay ahead of market dynamics and competitive threats.
  • Leverage analyst insight to support and impact strategic mission-critical priorities.
  • Maximize engagement with analysts by building a goal-based engagement plan.
  • Engage influencers and maximize results from external partnerships.