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At Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2021, you get a uniquely informed update on accelerating growth in a new era of transformation and on the technology trends that are impacting your business. Discover new approaches to optimize sales and marketing efforts, and drive product innovation for business growth and market expansion.

Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference is built solely for cross-functional teams. It is designed to span all departments with a singular focus on growth acceleration, offering dedicated content per role, including C-level, general managers, product managers, technology marketers and analyst relations leaders.

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Dedicated content and sessions aligned to your role and priorities

Our agenda helps tech CEOs rethink their approaches to customer acquisition and growth by revealing insights into technology marketplace and buyer behavior.

You learn how to:

  • Strengthen foundations for product strategy excellence
  • Reduce sales expense waste and improve sales effectiveness
  • Accelerate revenue growth and customer acquisition
  • Improve employee adoption of strategy and strategic changes
  • Expand revenue growth impact of partnering and routes to market

Recommended sessions for CEOs

  • The Future of End-to-End Revenue Production and RevOps Is Here Today
  • Tech Buyer Behaviors You Probably Are Misinterpreting
  • Ask the Expert: Practical and Actionable Realities for Successful Tech CEO M&A Exit Strategies
  • Continuous Deal Qualification: Improve Sales Productivity While Improving Win Rates

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Our agenda helps general managers make better decisions for resource allocation in support of growth in current and future years; prepare for markets to come, different from the markets that have been precrisis; and plan for 2022.

You learn how to:

  • Identify the opportunities for growth and risks due to key emerging technologies
  • Build an investment case by separating hype from reality in enterprise technology markets
  • Balance opportunity and risk with new technologies by learning about large technology-driven trends and leverage guidance on near-term decisions
  • Highlight areas of competitive advantage, differentiation and key competitors
  • Clarify key areas of adoption and buyer needs for emerging technologies in various stages of growth

Recommended sessions for general managers

  • Seven Disruptions Impacting Tech Providers, 2021-2026
  • Roundtable: The Future of Services in the Era of Automation and AI
  • Top Strategic Business Trends for Tech Providers
  • Ask the Expert: Emerging Technologies in the News and in the Lab — The Myth and Reality of Adoption

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Our agenda helps product managers evolve the product management organizational structure to address centralization, specialization and new tech trends — understand how the role is changing and how they can excel in today’s environment.

You learn how to:

  • Evolve the product management role to drive growth for your organization
  • Organize the product management team with specialization to enable greater empowerment 
  • Manage evolving products in an environment driven by continuous development and delivery
  • Use the latest advancements in data and analytics to increase product success
  • Drive product growth and improvement opportunities leveraging cloud-based and service models 

Recommended sessions for product managers

  • How IT Services Providers Must Adapt for Growth in the New Normal
  • Workshop: Utilizing the Gartner Product Decisions Tool to Prioritize Product Investments
  • What Customers Want: Key Findings From the Gartner Customer Preference Survey
  • Harnessing New Cloud Models to Drive Product Growth

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Our agenda helps technology marketers to identify new paths to better understand buyer behavior, personalize marketing across the customer life cycle and uncover hidden opportunities to up their marketing practices.

You obtain:

  • A blueprint for implementing marketing and sales action plans to drive upsell and cross-sell
  • Guidance for streamlined and impactful marketing processes to support a growing volume of product launches
  • Techniques for reaching remote buyers with personalized content that works
  • Richer ABM account targeting and planning using technology adoption profiles
  • Amplified impact for customer marketing as a partner to CSM in driving adoption and value recognition

Recommended sessions for tech marketers

  • Grow Revenue From Existing Customers With the Gartner Cross-Sell/Upsell Blueprint
  • Apply Enterprise Technology Adoption Profiles to Your ABM Strategies to Drive Growth
  • B2B Content Personalization: Method Versus Madness
  • Workshop: Sharpen Your Differentiation

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Our agenda provides analyst relations professionals with guidance on how to align programs with business expectations and identify opportunities to utilize third-party insights to contribute to overall corporate objectives.

You get to:

  • Explore ways to proactively collaborate to stay ahead of market dynamics and competitive threats
  • Learn how analysts can act as advisors to future-proof your business
  • Identify and align corporate and product initiatives to industry analyst coverage
  • Leverage analyst insight to support and influence strategic mission-critical priorities
  • Maximize engagement with analysts by building a goal-based engagement plan

Recommended sessions for analyst relations

  • How Analyst Relations Delivers Growth Enabled by Emerging Technology
  • Product Managers Must Collaborate With Analysts Across Phases of the Product Life Cycle
  • Ask the Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Analyst Relations
  • Workshop: Connect Business Objectives to Analyst Interactions

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Our agenda strengthens the confidence of market and competitive intelligence leaders to accelerate and improve the decision making of their senior leaders as they manage market uncertainties and internal disagreements. 

You learn how to:

  • Improve actionability of your sales enablement supporting insights
  • Accelerate decision making by your key stakeholders
  • Increase confidence in your analysis and recommendations
  • Inform your leadership team of potential blind spots
  • Prioritize emerging and disruptive trends your leadership team needs to understand

Recommended sessions for market insight leaders

  • Top Strategic Business Trends for Tech Providers
  • Top Disruptions That Impact Tech Providers
  • The Challenges of Competitive Intelligence and How to Do It Right
  • Workshop: How to Create and Utilize a Competitive Landscape Assessment

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