Achieve success as a general manager and product leader

Buyer needs and preferences are constantly changing, leaving technology product teams constantly chasing new innovations, prioritizing features and capabilities, and keeping a finger on the pulse of the buyer journey. How can product managers and general managers ensure that the portfolio aligns with business strategies while also evolving to meet this dynamic market?

Learn the latest research-backed strategies for technology product success.

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Track B: Redefining Products and Portfolios

In today’s tech landscape, defending against known competitors is a losing strategy. Winning tech providers seize opportunities by taking the offense and leaving little room for vulnerability. Redefine your products and portfolios to progress beyond differentiation and move closer to unbeatable.

Address your most pressing challenges

  • Managing evolution of existing products, new capabilities and innovation
  • Preparing for expansion into new markets
  • Adapting the product portfolio to respond to changing market conditions driven by digital, “As a Service” delivery, cloud and analytics
  • Directing investments across the portfolio to align with anticipated buying journeys and maximize profitable growth

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