Maximize learning by attending as a group

When you're spearheading innovation, you need everyone on board. Attend Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference with your team, so you can:

  • Hear a consistent message tailored to the individual roles supporting your organization's technology service product and sales vision
  • Ensure maximum consumption of in-the-moment ideation from all perspectives on the team, with all stakeholders in the same room
  • Leverage networking opportunities and grow your team's professional skills
  • Use the conference as an opportunity for recognition and off-site team building
  • Take advantage of cost savings when you buy 3 or more conference passes


Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for your technology service organization's product, go-to-market, customer experience, marketing, or sales strategies will benefit from Gartner's research and best practices. We suggest you bring:

  • Tech CEO
  • General Manager
  • Product Marketer
  • Product Manager

Complimentary Registrations

  • 1 for every 3 paid registrations
  • 2 for every 5 paid registrations
  • 3 for every 7 paid registrations
  • 4 for every 10 paid registrations

For more information, email or contact your Gartner Representative. 

Group Rate Discount Terms & Conditions

  • Qualifying paid registrations for Gartner Conferences are: cash registrations and paid ticket registrations.
  • A combination of paid tickets and cash registrations may be used to qualify for Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations.
  • Some restrictions may apply to ticket registrations.  Contact your Gartner Representative if you have questions.
  • All registrations must be paid in full before complimentary Group Rate Discount registrations can be used.
  • Groups must consist of employees of the same organization and are registered for the same conference.
  • There is a limit of four Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations per organization.
  • The Group Rate Discount is voided by all other group offers and promotions for conference attendance. Time-based registration offers such as early bird are still applicable.
  • The Group Rate Discount Terms and Conditions do not void or supersede Gartner Conference Terms and Conditions. All registrations are subject to the full Conference Terms and Conditions
  • The conference is organized by Gartner, which reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual. Gartner’s receipt of an application and/or payment does not constitute acceptance. Application and payments that are not accepted will be returned.