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David Yockelson

David Yockelson

Distinguished VP Analyst
David Yockelson (LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-yockelson-452324/) is a Research Vice President and Gartner Fellow within the Product Marketing Practice team in the Technology and Service Provider Research organization. He provides research and advisory services on go-to-market strategies for technology providers, particularly focusing on elements of product marketing (buyer insight, launch communications, messaging and positioning, enablement), marketing/sales interaction, demand generation, and corporate strategy. Additionally, with tech infusing virtually all products and services, Mr. Yockelson helps organizations navigate strategic product go-to-market challenges associated with the delivery of solutions that increasingly and necessarily leverage innovative and/or nascent technologies.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2023 / 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM PDT
Shift From Product-Out to Buyer-In: Create Value-Oriented Go-to-Market in Your Organization

Marketing and selling capabilities is 1980ies. Articulating value is the only way to outperform the competition now. Teams are often immature in identifying, communicating and tracking customer value. When executed correctly, technology providers have increased close rates by 70% and expanded business by five times - but beware - it takes work.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 / 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM PDT
Ask The Expert: Cut Friction, Speed Sales With Interactive Demos to Give People What They Want

Traditional top-down selling requires discovery and qualification before demo. But less patient buyers won't wait; they want a product experience now. Interactive demonstrations provide a way to offer that. Learn why this tech has great efficacy and how to make the best decisions based on our market guide.

Thursday, June 15, 2023 / 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM PDT
Realize Data-Driven PLG Scale With Product-Led Revenue Tech

Product-led growth (PLG) is data-driven. Data spanning application users, usage, telemetry and engagement is vital to self-serve motions that drive PLG strategies. This session unpacks emerging solutions that simplify your acquisition and leverage of the data driving your PLG strategy. Move from focusing on the underlying infrastructure to focus on the operational growth of your PLG conversions.

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