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Tricia Wang
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Tricia Wang

Global Tech Ethnographer and Co-founder
Global technology ethnographer Dr. Tricia Wang, helps companies innovate and grow by integrating big data — all that you know about your customers and your market — with thick data, the human element that is invisible to quantitative data analysis. Tricia is the cofounder of Sudden Compass, a firm that helps companies leverage data to move at the speed of their customers. Past clients they have worked with include Fortune 500 companies to tech start-ups such as Proctor and Gamble to Spotify. She also co-founded Magpie Kingdom, a consultancy that advises companies on how to build off of cultural innovation in China and publishing their popular newsletter on youth and internet culture. She is a recognized leading authority on digital transformation, operationalizing data science, customer experience, and ethics of personal data usage in artificial intelligence. In addition to her work in industry, Tricia has spent decades researching youth culture, social media, and Chinese internet culture.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2022 / 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EDT
Guest Keynote: Thick Data Drives Customer Centric Decisions

Every corporation wants to avoid missing something that could slow their growth. But why are some companies able to spot that “something” and some not? The most successful companies of the 21st Century are obsessed with their customers. Customer obsession is easier said than done. Tricia provides real world examples of how companies can become customer-centric and how they must look beyond quantitative metrics to also explore qualitative factors, thick data, that often make or break customer decisions. Tricia outlines steps to identify, collect, and embrace thick data, combining it with quantitative data to generate higher impact to refine go-to-market strategies.

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