The value of Gartner experts

As the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, Gartner brings technology and service providers and product leaders the indispensable insights, advice and tools needed to achieve the mission-critical priorities of today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. At Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2020, you get a crucial update on emerging technology and product strategies to drive revenue growth.

Gain access to:

  • Unbiased, research-backed sessions led by Gartner experts
  • Personalized interaction with seasoned practitioners
  • The latest Gartner high tech research debuted at the conference, in an environment built for dialogue
  • Best practices from a vendor perspective, based on end-user data

Who are Gartner experts?

Gartner experts are the people behind the research our clients trust. They extract insights from qualitative and quantitative research, including over 380,000 senior-level end user interactions every year. As unbiased leaders in the IT industry, Gartner experts serve as conference speakers, attendee mentors, and research facilitators. 

Opportunities to interact with experts

In addition to attending any track sessions across the conference agenda, as an attendee, you’re entitled to two of each of the following session types: Gartner one-on-one meetings, Ask the Expert group sessions, how-to clinics, and interactive workshops. In these sessions, you'll get a deeper and more personal dive into particular topics or challenges. 

Gartner one-on-one meeting*

This popular session provides you 30 minutes of undivided attention and support from a Gartner expert. Get feedback on a key initiative or can share an urgent challenge. Attendees tells us these meetings are worth the cost of conference admission in themselves.

Ask the Expert sessions*

These small-group discussions foster learning and feature one Gartner expert who answers your pressing questions. 

How-to clinics*

These Gartner-expert-moderated, classroom-style sessions provide a step-by-step process on how to achieve a specific goal. Arrive as a novice, and leave with a clear action plan.

Interactive workshops*

Also Gartner-expert-moderated, these sessions allow you to roll up your sleeves and work through a particular case study with peers. Attendees bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, while Gartner experts bring best practices.

*Hurry, space is limited. Depending on availability and eligibility, registered attendees may sign-up for these session types via Gartner Conference Navigator after registration. 


The value of Gartner research, interaction with the experts, unparalleled peer group networking, and inspiring speakers are just a few reasons why attendees come back to Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference year after year. Here’s what attendees have to say.

This conference was an eye opener for me! I can now connect the dots between the helpful resources and tools available.

Sukanya Madhvan

Executive Director of Product Management, Forte Payments
The fact that there are structured plans to implement the Gartner experts’ suggestions make this conference extremely practical and useful.

Mary Beth Henderson

Marketing Specialist, ETI Software Solutions
This was my first Gartner conference. I was impressed by the quality of the breakout sessions and workshops, and I received great insights from the personal one-on-one meetings with an expert.

Link Huynh

Director, Securely