Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference

July 12 – 13, 2022 | Americas | Virtual

Tech Growth Requires a Relentless Customer-Centric Approach

While it’s always important to focus on customer, there are forces in the market that buyers and tech companies are up against- geopolitical, economic, social, sustainability, etc. that are impact the buying cycle and inhibit tech provider growth today.

Attendees of Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2022,  July 12 – 13, Americas, Virtual, will learn how to address these challenges, simplify the buying experience and increase retention and growth from their base.  In the current environment of constant conflict and change, what works today may not work tomorrow.  

And if you are a returning attendee, here`s what is new in 2022.

We will cover new trends, approaches, and innovative technologies needed to optimize sales and marketing efforts, and drive product innovation for business growth and market expansion.

Gartner will unveil new research trends! Be the first to gain strategic insights from Gartner experts that will accelerate your organization’s growth trajectory and innovation.

Topics will include:

  • Building and leading a proactive organization amid a dynamic and challenging market
  • Implementing strategies to anticipate disruption from emerging technologies and market forces.
  • Connecting with audiences to drive successful buying experiences.
  • Achieving cross-functional alignment to improve the customer’s product and service experience.
  • Developing strategies in startup organizations to win and retain customers and talent.
  • Improving your product, marketing, buying experience, and organization with innovative technologies and trends.
  • Engaging influencers and partners to inform business decisions.

Savvy TSPs are constantly learning and evolving their approach to stay ahead of the competition.  

This year’s TGI will explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities to accelerate your path to growth. Do not miss it!

Designed for technology providers

Join the only conference that’s designed specifically around the unique challenges facing technology and service providers, and that’s backed by unbiased research.

The forefront of innovation

Gartner experts and your tech company peers will share technology trends, insights, advice and tools you need to prioritize your growth strategy, identify product and market opportunities, and evaluate new technology investments.

Insights from the end user

Gartner extracts insights from 490,000+ direct client interactions each year to provide you with insights on customer needs and buyer behavior.

Technology and services providers must simplify the buying and owning process. Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2022 will deliver actionable insights, advice and tools for technology teams to improve customer satisfaction, maintain retention and impact growth from first point of engagement to decision to implementation and beyond.

Christy Ferguson

VP Analyst and Conference Chair

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    Calling all innovators and technology leaders

    If you are a technology leader responsible for Go-to-market, Customer experience, Product or Marketing strategies, then this conference is for you.

    CEOs will learn how to generate leads, manage talent and understand differentiation trends and best practices required to accelerate growth.
    • Accelerate revenue growth and customer acquisition.
    • Win and retain top talent in a competitive market.
    • Expand revenue growth impact of partnering and routes to market.
    • Engage influencers and maximize results from external partnerships.

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    Product Managers will learn how to develop a cross-functional holistic customer and user experience across product and service portfolios.
    • Take a “whole product” view of customer value and experience.
    • Focus on customer outcomes over business metrics drives success. 
    • Develop cross-departmental collaboration to impact customer success.
    • Evaluate effects of competitors and emerging technologies as a market influence.

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    Marketers will gain access to innovative go-to-market, demand marketing and sales enablement best practices to simplify the buying journey.
    • Enable buyers to help simplify their decision making.
    • Create meaningful differentiation and create compelling stories that raise buyer trust and confidence.
    • Engage buyers beyond conversion to value and advocacy.
    • Attract and accelerate high-quality leads through your existing digital channels.

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    General managers will gain access to powerful insights and advice to adopt the best high-growth opportunities and competitive strategies.
    • Highlight areas of competitive advantage, differentiation, and key competitors.
    • Clarify key areas of adoption and buyer needs for emerging technologies in various stages of growth.
    • Anticipate external market forces require you to make fundamental changes to your strategies or offerings. Create a diverse and inclusive culture where employees feel valued.
    • Create a diverse and inclusive culture where employees feel valued.
    Analyst relations (AR) professionals will learn how to up-level the impact of AR to align with and meet corporate objectives.
    • Explore ways to proactively collaborate to stay ahead of market dynamics and competitive threats.
    • Leverage analyst insight to support and influence strategic mission-critical priorities.
    • Maximize engagement with analysts by building a goal-based engagement plan.
    • Engage influencers and maximize results from external partnerships.

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    It's time to drive Tech Growth

    Everything technology leaders need is here. Experts. Peers. Inspiration. Unbiased and actionable guidance. We hope you and your team will join us at Gartner TGI.

    2022 Tracks at a Glance

    Access the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help CEOs, Product managers, Technology marketers, General managers and Analyst relations leaders meet the demands of the future. Each track has a particular area of focus to help you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization.

    Track A

    Win Customers and Talent as a Startup Provider

    It doesn’t take unlimited resources for startup and emerging providers to win and retain customers and talent in highly competitive markets-but it does take strategy. This track explores the lead generation, talent management and differentiation trends and best practices required to accelerate growth.

    Track B

    Everyone Owns the Customer’s Product and Service Experience

    Successful organizations have a cross-departmental focus on creating a holistic customer and user experience across portfolios of products and offerings at various stages in the product life cycle. This track provides key insights into achieving alignment on the continuous improvement of the total experience in products and services across the customer lifetime.

    Track C

    Orchestrate Successful Buying Experiences

    Connecting with buyers is more confusing than ever as buying decisions spread throughout the organization, combined with an ever-expanding group of decision makers. The situation gets even more complicated as competition increases. This track provides key insights into engaging audiences to drive successful buying experiences.

    Track D

    Thrive When External Forces Shake Your Market and Business

    Success depends on more than having strong products and services that meet customer needs. In this track, understand how emerging technologies, forces and trends like geopolitics, social issues, democratization and privacy can act as disruptive events that require providers to make fundamental changes to their strategies or offerings.

    Track E

    Create and Lead the Responsive and Adaptable Organization

    Meeting growth objectives requires proactive organizational management amid a dynamic and challenging market. Attracting top talent and partnerships requires alignment on the values, investments, technologies and competitive stature of the organization in the market as well as an inclusive, collaborative culture.

    Spotlight Track

    Innovate Your Business with Emerging Technologies and Trends

    Emerging technologies can improve customer satisfaction, increase competitiveness and grow revenue. In this track, discover how to improve your product, marketing, buying experience and organization with innovative technologies and trends.

    Spotlight Track

    Increase Reach Through Influencers and Partners

    High-growth organizations realize that they can’t do it alone. They engage influencers and leverage partners to amplify sales motions, drive differentiation and speed returns. These ecosystems accelerate awareness and new business conversion. This track provides insights on engaging influencers and partners to inform business decisions.

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