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The Gartner Advantage

The traditional approach for critical initiatives is to hire a consultant or do it yourself, but 65%-75% of all initiatives fail. Why? Because success requires the right decisions plus strong execution. 

Doing it yourself
  • useful source for learning common approaches
  • Sourcing information independently is time-intensive
  • Quality of insights and recommendations are uncertain and inconsistent
Gartner for HR 
  • Make the right decision by empowering you with objective assessments, facts, research and advice
  • Have strong execution by building your organizational capability and commitment to action
Management consulting
  • High cost
  • Generally limited to on-site engagement
  • Temporary support model
  • Potential bias toward proprietary solutions
  • Lack of peer-based insights or executive meetings

Get Buy-In From Your Stakeholders

Aligning with the team members who are tasked with helping you achieve your goals, and the business partners whose objectives are directly impacted by your own, is crucial to moving your plans forward and maximizing their impact. 

Use the resources below to quickly and easily communicate how our solution can help deliver your critical priorities and accelerate the organizational objectives they align to.

Convey Gartner's unique value

Are key stakeholders within your organization unfamiliar with Gartner or the services we provide? Use this document to share information about our capabilities and unique ability to help you achieve your mission-critical priorities.

Download our Service Introduction Deck

Share a sample of the projects we support

Share details of our project-specific support with the team members who are executing on your critical initiatives. 

Download our Project Support Overview Deck

Secure budgetary approval

Make the case for investing in us with your business partners. Use this deck to convey how our service is positioned to help you to achieve your critical priorities. 

Download your Business Case Toolkit 

Hear What Your Peers Have to Say

Gartner works with HR leaders from 3,000+ organizations around the world.
Here's what a few of them have to say about the value they get from Gartner. 

Gianetta Jones, VP of Human Resources at Coca-Cola Bottling Company United shares how her partnership with Gartner helped her shape a strong talent acquisition strategy in order to build an elite workforce.

How Gartner helped her confidently select a new HCM, providing assurance that she was selecting the right vendor for the organization's needs at the right price point:
Anne Cooper, Snior VP and CHRO, Sammons Financial Group

Jamie Whitmore, Head of Global Talent at Ansell, covers how he uses Gartner to make informed decisions and how it helps him improve his talent review process.


Laurie Roy, VP of Human Resources and Global Talent Management at Alcoa, shares how her partnership with Gartner elevates her relationship across the HR leadership team as well as with some of the business leaders. 

How Gartner helped her elevate HR's profile by redefining the function's strategy and guiding digital transformation:
Anne Cooper, Senior VP and CHRO, Sammons Financial Group

How Gartner helped him develop a new strategy to reduce employee turnover:
Enrique Medina, Director of Strategy and Organizational Development, BBVA


Ryan Cox, Organizational Development & Capabilities, Saint-Gobain, discusses how he uses Gartner's Product Ignition Guide to support learning path design and develop programs that ensure his workforce is equipped with the skills they'll need in the future.

How Gartner helped her evaluate her organization's current talent acquisition process:
Estrella Parker, Chief People and Culture Officer, Satellite Healthcare

John Brown, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, discusses how Gartner prepares his organization for the workforce of the future. 


Liesl Inglish, Head of Global HR Operations and Learning at Conduent, shares how Gartner serves as an extension of her team, enabling them to launch projects more quickly and stay at the forefront of shifting trends and practices. 

Join Our Unrivaled Global Network

Our scale lets us commit vast resources to our clients. And with insights that are powered by our network, you'll gain an unparalleled perspective on the trends, opportunities and best-practice solutions that are shaping businesses across functions, regions and industries.

4,000+ HR leaders

We work with a network of more than 4,000 HR leaders and executives from more than 3,000 unique organizations globally.

100+ countries

The scale of our organization enables us to serve more than 15,000 client organizations across more than 100 countries

2,000+ Gartner professionals

Our unmatched depth and breadth of expertise is powered by our people, who are dedicated to 230K interactions with senior executives per year.

73% of the Global 500

Leaders from small organizations to global, multinational enterprises rely on our insight to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

Make an Investment That Pays Dividends

Our depth of expertise and range of benchmarks, diagnostics and cost-saving insights platform have helped our clients generate significant efficiencies across their functions and the greater organization. As pressure to drive sustainable cost reductions grows, equip yourself with the tools to make the right decisions.

Avoid cost

Save up to 30% on your total spend by analyzing the total cost of ownership, ROI and benefits, scope and risk.

Extend your staff

Enable your team to acquire and develop critical competencies through insights and data designed to address both the execution of key projects and their professional development.

Find contract savings

We review hardware, software and telecom services contracts/proposals yearly to help you negotiate money-saving terms and conditions. 

Flexibility of coverage support

Gartner's licesing model allows users to leverage content and support outside of their initial scope of work, allowing services to change as priorities chage.

Save time

Average decisions in organizations take eight to nine months. Gartner reduces that decision time frame by up to 60%.

Decide with confidence

Use one trusted, unbiased source for all your due diligence and lead with confidence.

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