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Whether your organization is trying to grow the business, optimize costs, or execute business transformations, Gartner for HR can help you: 

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We do this by helping you diagnose your unique needs, develop a strategy based on trusted insights and deliver to the business with our practical tools. 

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CHRO Challenges

Talent is one of the biggest differentiators of organizational performance, reshaping the CHRO’s role into one of the most high-profile C-suite positions. With CEOs concerned about the availability of key skills, 71% of CHROs are spending more time on business issues beyond HR.

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Organization design

Assess how your organization's spans of control compare to others by using our benchmarking reports; understand how to effectively design and manage your change strategy by reading our research, and receive feedback from Executive Advisors on how to improve your strategy and program. 


Less than one-third of CHROs believe they have the organizational culture they need to support their future business strategy. Get guidance on how to build culture into your systems and processes, and provide business-unit leaders with support and resources to do the same.

HR technology strategy

Gartner expert research in HR technology strategy includes HR technology roadmap & strategy, process automation, cost optimization and guidance on provider/system selection (Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities).

Head of Total Rewards Challenges

The motivations of the workforce in the digital age are changing. They are shifting and broadening beyond monetary compensation, calling for changes to programs in order to attract and retain top talent.

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Compensation plan design

Don't guess what your employees value most. Instead, get guidance on how to deliver a compensation and benefits plan that balances preferences and total spend to optimize your investment's impact.


Pay for performance

As organizations evolve, performance management must realign to better enable employee contributions to the business. Get guidance on how to adapt your approach to better capture and reward employee contribution to the business.

Pay transparency

One hallmark of the digital age is information transparency, and nowhere is this more the case than in compensation, benefits, rewards and recognition. Learn how progressive companies identify and transparently communicate information about employees’ pay packages to drive the greatest talent and business outcomes. 

Head of Recruiting Challenges

As digitalization becomes a priority for business leaders, you may find yourself experiencing unforeseen spikes in hiring demand, a hypercompetitive labor market and an expanding mix of hiring needs. This reality underscores the need for recruiting to move away from the traditional strategic planning process, which is ultimately static in nature, and instead follow a planning process focused on closer alignment with evolving line priorities. 

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Workforce planning

HR executives cite workforce planning as a top priority, but say business leaders' lack of prioritization is the biggest challenge. Learn how executives are currently thinking about and responding to workforce trends and how to take advantage of the biggest opportunities to enhance workforce planning effectiveness. 

Assessment & selection

Assessing and selecting the right talent is more difficult as hiring needs become more complex and ever-changing. Get guidance on how to simplify assessment and selection to prioritize information that aligns with business priorities and goals. 


Recruiter performance & development

Recruiter impact goes beyond cost savings of filling vacancies faster, but organizations struggle to define and quantify other impact measures. Improve your recruiter performance and development strategy with guidance from our step-by-step Ignition Guides and enable your hiring teams to streamline workflows for continued development.

Head of L&D Challenges

As skills emerge, evolve and expire, you play a critical role in boosting employee skills preparedness. To do this, the best L&D functions have to connect employees to the market by staying ahead of emerging skills needs and skill-building opportunities beyond their role. 

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High-Potential employees (HIPOs)

HIPOs produce 91% more valuable work for the company and exert 21% more effort than non-HIPOs, making HIPO development a top priority for L&D leaders. Partner with Gartner to identify how to get more from your HIPO program by increasing engagement and retention, and improving succession planning. 

Reskilling your workforce

Most L&D functions aim to build continuous learners who can keep up with shifting demands, but this is not the most effective approach. Get guidance on how to build connected — not continuous — learners to increase workforce skills preparedness.

Manager development

Bad managers cost the average organization $1M annually per every 1,000 FTEs in lost retention costs alone. Get insights on the types of managers, benchmark your programs against your peers’, and build or refine your manager criteria and competency model using our latest research.

Head of D&I Challenges

Despite years of effort, the rate of progress toward diversity has stalled, if not declined, in most organizations, and dynamics like the #MeToo drive show us that inclusion efforts are faltering, too. You’re tasked with identifying and eliminating bias within processes wherever possible to ensure equitable hiring, pay, reviews and assignment of promotable work — no easy feat. 

See examples of projects we can support you on below:

Grow global D&I strategy

Regional differences in D&I needs, opportunities and challenges can make it difficult to set and evaluate globally consistent D&I objectives. Get guidance on how to establish a high-level D&I strategy and empower regional D&I leads to customize to account local differences.

Engage the business in D&I

Seventy-five percent of chief diversity officers rate engaging the business in D&I among their biggest business challenges. We can help you establish accountability and motivate action by incorporating D&I goals into performance metrics, rewards and recognition.

Address unique talent segments

Each diverse talent segment has a unique history and faces distinct challenges that organizations must understand and address in kind. Adapt your D&I strategy to address unique talent segment challenges and opportunities with insights from our D&I content hub and Ignition Guides.

Don’t Face Your HR Challenges Alone.
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As a Gartner client, you'll have access to strategic advice and guidance that is tailored to your challenges from a team of more than 2,000 experts and advisors with deep functional and technology expertise. Our goal is to be indispensable business partners to you by providing you high-value advice you can apply immediately to execute your mission-critical priorities and overcome your biggest challenges.

Executive Advisors

Executive Advisors have an extensive range of functional expertise, which helps HR leaders across the globe overcome their critical challenges on a daily basis.

Our advisors work with you to understand your priorities, serve as objective experts for your key decisions and support your action-planning efforts for recommended solutions.

Technology experts

Technology experts contextualize strategic technology trends and review HR IT contracts.

In addition to providing you with guidance on your key technology purchases and implementation strategies, our experts can also help you review vendor contracts to save time and money and reduce risk.

Account managers

Your account management team is dedicated to ensuring that your service is fully tailored toward delivering your mission-critical priorities.

They help you utilize the resources, benchmarks and diagnostics, or expert guidance that you need to execute on key projects, and engage with you regularly to ensure you that your implementations are on track.

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