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A service tailored to meet the needs of your priorities and people

What are your critical priorities?

We align our support to delivering the expertise and resources you need to accomplish your critical priorities.

Sample priorities:

  1. “Drive digital transformation”
  2. “Reduce corporate cost”
  3. “Accelerate corporate decision-making”

Which initiatives are crucial to their success?

Delivering on your priorities typically depends on the success of a number of associated projects or initiatives. We work with you to effectively plan and execute the projects that matter.

Sample initiatives:

  1. “Manage new and accelerating digital risks”
  2. “Identify and address process inefficiencies to reduce costs”
  3. “Assess your department's speed and identify sources of drag”

Who are the people leading those initiatives?

Your solution is designed to support you and the people on your team who are tasked with managing these underlying initiatives.

What level of support do they need?

We configure each person’s service to ensure that they receive the guidance and support required to execute effectively on the tasks associated with achieving your key objectives.


Live & Virtual Meetings

Advisory & Virtual Meetings

Peer Benchmarks

Research & Best Practices

Decision Support

Get buy-in from your stakeholders

Aligning with the team members who are tasked with helping you achieve your goals, and the business partners whose objectives are directly impacted by your own, is crucial to moving your plans forward and maximizing their impact. 

Use the resources below to quickly and easily communicate how our solution can help deliver your critical priorities and accelerate the organizational objectives they align to.

Review our support with your leadership team and staff

Working on an initiative that you feel our expertise and support could help you execute? Share information about our capabilities with key stakeholders, and check how our services align with your projects.

Refer to our Service Overview for:

  • Service overview
  • Project-specific support details (example: "Drive digital transformation")


Build the business case for the service

Make the case for investing in us with your leadership team. Use this pack to communicate how our service is positioned to help you to achieve your critical priorities.

Download your Business Case Toolkit below:

  • Messaging to help you build alignment with your CEO or board.
  • Service overview


Hear What Your Peers Have to Say

Gartner works with over 1,000 senior legal executives from around the world. Here’s what two of them have to say about the value they get from working with us. 

Kate Bowen, General Counsel at Texas Oncology, shares how she uses Gartner to grow a new legal function and reshape their engagement with outside counsel.

Brad Delizia, General Counsel at Elemica, Inc., talks about how Gartner helps him maximize productivity and cut costs while meeting the demands on his legal team.

Choose the right option for the short and long term

The traditional approach for critical initiatives is to hire a consultant or do it yourself, but 70% of all initiatives fail. Why? Because success requires the right decisions plus strong execution.

Doing it yourself
  • useful source for learning common approaches
  • Sourcing information independently is time-intensive
  • Quality of insights and recommendations are uncertain and inconsistent
Gartner for Legal & Compliance Leaders
  • Best of both: Expertise and network-driven insight on best-practice legal solutions
  • Support personalized to your critical priorities, throughout the life cycles of your key projects
  • Exclusive legal leadership meetings and virtual events at no additional cost
  • Easy-to-use tools and guidance help you execute efficiently
Management consulting
  • High-cost
  • Generally limited to on-site engagement
  • Temporary support model
  • Potential bias toward proprietary solutions
  • Lack of peer-based insights or executive meetings

You’ll be in great company

Our scale lets us commit vast resources to our clients. And with insights powered by our network, you’ll gain an unparalleled perspective on the trends, opportunities and best-practice solutions shaping businesses across functions, regions and industries.

1,000+ legal and compliance leaders

We work with a large network of business leaders and senior executives from organizations across the globe.

100+ countries

The scale of our organization enables us to serve more than 15,000 client organizations across more than 100 countries.

2,000+ Gartner professionals

Our unmatched depth and breadth of expertise is powered by our people, who conduct 130,000 interactions with senior executives every year.

73% of the Global 500

Leaders from small organizations to global, multinational enterprises rely on our insights to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

Get to know us better

Catch up on a recent virtual event

Learn how you can help drive corporate growth by aligning your legal strategy to wider business objectives. Watch the replay of our exclusive webinar, “Align Legal Strategy With Business Objectives.”

Sample our latest legal and compliance insight

Based on 15 years of research, this report identifies 10 core principles of risk management for GCs and CCOs. Download “10 Principles of Legal and Compliance Risk Management” below.

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