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Sometimes information alone isn't enough. Our experts are your experts. They become an extension of your team to provide you with personalized guidance on your biggest focus areas. They are former practitioners in their field; together they have 500+ combined years of experience that you can pull from one initiative to the next backed by trusted research and peer-vetted tools to help you make the greatest impact on your business today and into the future.

The power of inquiry

As a Gartner for Marketers client, you have unlimited access to the right experts who spend 10,000+ hours a year addressing clients’ specific business challenges to help focus their efforts and move forward confidently. 

The influence of peers

Gartner for Marketers provides you with unique access to your peers. Expand your network at exclusive events and networking opportunities to learn from leaders like you. In addition, reduce uncertainty and save time by leveraging the expertise of your peers by applying frameworks, toolkits and insights already vetted by your peers.

The value of unbiased insights

The right choices are those that are best informed. Stay ahead of the rapidly changing landscape with unbiased data and research to inform, support and measure your decisions and investments through unrivaled benchmarking and research.

Make smart marketing decisions powered by analyst expertise

These are top questions our experts are working on with your peers to solve today. Find the answers you need with objective advice rooted in research, peer-driven insights and data to help inform your marketing strategy and execute with confidence.

  • How do I develop strategies and business models that deliver long-term growth?
  • How do I assure marketing strategies will be well-aligned to execution?
  • How can I understand my performance and approach relative my peers and competitors?
  • How do I drive innovation across products and experiences?
  • How do I align to business needs and drive transformation and change?
  • How do I effectively communicate, build relationships and establish influence within the organization?
  • How do I build marketing budgets that are commensurate to my strategic goals?
  • How do I tie marketing investments to business goals?
  • How do I determine the metrics that demonstrate marketing success?
  • How do I manage marketing budgets to maximize ROI?
  • How do I need to shift my messaging to reach and retail the millennial generation? 
  • How do I ensure I am optimizing my agency?
  • How can I transform my marketing team to agile process? 
  • What emerging technologies will effectively enable my team to execute on multichannel personalized campaigns?

Utilizing our peer network

Insights are crucial to making the right decisions. And those insights must be current, objective and rigorously accurate. Give yourself a competitive edge with our unrivaled peer-powered insights through surveys with thousands of marketers, analyst research, real-life work with our clients and digital insights across more than 1,250 touchpoints.

1. Peer networking

Through Gartner for Marketers, there are several opportunities throughout the year to network and learn from your peers and from Gartner analysts, including Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo™, Gartner Executive Briefings and Virtual Events, and Executive Peer Forums*. Engage with peers from other organizations, facing similar challenges as you, sharing best practices and finding solutions to your most pressing initiatives.

**Chief Marketing Executive clients only

2. Toolkits

With Gartner for Marketers, you can move quickly from strategy to action with best-in-class templates and toolkits that are vetted by your peers to accelerate execution of your programs and never start from scratch again.

3. Digital performance benchmarks

Leverage Gartner’s digital performance benchmarks data and case studies to build your understanding of where to focus your efforts and prioritize investments across: site and
e-commerce, digital marketing, social media and mobile and tablet. 

Proven methodologies

We use established, tested methodologies to help you identify and prioritize the right goals for your business. Our tools simplify complexities, helping you see the path to success more clearly, giving you more confidence and support in your decision-making.

Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index

DIQs define digital performance benchmarks relative to competitors. Assess sector-specific research to help your organization understand how digital is impacting your industry. Gartner L2 benchmarks 2,200 brands across four digital dimensions and ranks them based on the effectiveness of their executions.

Amazon IQ Index

Sharpen your Amazon strategy and digital marketing budgets. The Amazon IQ Benchmarking Index provides brands with the in-depth insights they need with brand-specific recommendations to help organizations develop their Amazon competency.

Gartner Iconoculture Insights

Driving fast growth requires a deeper understanding of your target consumers values. Understand changing consumer behaviors and identify the target audience to optimize go-to-market strategies, develop the right messaging, identify the right channels and build the right content to engage customers.

Expert Research

Practical guidance from successful practitioners. We understand the challenges you face from the client side of the desk because we've been there. Tap into best practices and fresh ideas from a wide variety of industries and marketing professionals, made up of a team of experts with 450+ years of collective marketing experience and spend 10,000+ hours with your peers.

My Executive Partner knows what my priorities are. He’s always helping me and listening to me in terms of what’s important. Without having had that partnership, conversation, that relationship…I’m not sure if we’d be getting the same results that we are today.

Dawn Morris

CMO of Webster Bank

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