Improving Processes for Accurate R&D Forecasting

After realizing spend for only 16% of the organization's R&D projects were accurately forecasted, a VP of R&D Portfolio Project Management leveraged the Gartner R&D Spend and Performance Benchmark to convince key stakeholders of the importance of accurate R&D forecasting and update core processes, reducing forecast variance and saving the business money.

Mission-critical priority

Secure stakeholder buy-in and alignment on forecasting strategy and reduce forecasting variance across the R&D portfolio.

How Gartner helped

Using the Gartner R&D Spend and Performance Benchmark data, the R&D leader was able to share real-time forecasting data from other companies to convince his team of the importance of accurate forecasting from a money and time-saving perspective. The VP and his team adjusted their processes and metrics to better measure and predict R&D portfolio spend, reducing overall forecasting variance equating to roughly $20M in savings.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the VP of Portfolio Project Management: 

  • Benchmarked his team's R&D spend forecasts against peers to realize massive discrepencies comparative to other R&D organizations. 
  • Leveraged data from the R&D Spend and Performance benchmark to convince key stakeholders that they needed to adjust their forecasting strategy.
  • Improved forecasting processes and metrics to account for quarterly portfolio and forecast variance, amounting to $20M in quarterly savings


$8.3 Billion


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for R&D Leaders

We used [Gartner's] benchmarking data no less than 20 times in presentations and team meetings. Huge note of appreciation-- we've gotten a lot of bang for our buck here.

VP of R&D Portfolio Project Management, Pharmaceutical Company