Building A Review-Centric Marketing Engine On Capterra And Beyond

On Demand | 30 minutes

Reviews are not just for your homepage. Use them right, and they’ll become the marketing engine that keeps on giving.

Eighty-six percent of buyers say that verified reviews are important for software evaluation. That’s why, in this webinar, Gartner Digital Markets will show you how to get more ROI from your ratings on Capterra and beyond.

We’ll share insights gathered from the two million+ reviews on our platform, revealing:

  • How reviews attract buyers
  • The minimum number of reviews you need for the biggest impact
  • How to use your reviews the right way

Join us and take your review strategy beyond five stars.

Kyle Stewart

Associate Director, Vendor Services, Gartner Digital Markets

Shannon Timmons

Vendor Services Manager, Gartner Digital Markets

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